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Training intelligent systems to think on their own

John Connor and SkyNet junior execs take note: according to Lehigh's Hector Muñoz-Avila, the technology on which the modern world relies is nearly ready to reason and to make decisions without human assistance.

A pioneer in the new field of goal-driven autonomy (GDA), Muñoz-Avila, associate professor of computer science and engineering, says that coming advances in mathematical formulas known as algorithms will soon allow machines to investigate a complex problem, determine the most effective intermediate goals and take action to achieve a long-range solution. In the process, they will adjust to unexpected situations and learn from their mistakes, and achieve all of this without human control or guidance.

Muñoz-Avila, recently received a three-year research grant from the National Science Foundation to develop autonomous agents that dynamically identify and self-select their goals, and to test these agents in computer games.

In recent years, Muñoz-Avila and collaborators from the Naval Research Laboratory and the Georgia Institute of Technology pioneered the topic of GDA agents, which overcome unexpected phenomena in their environments.

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