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Grad panel promotes innovation in "Creative Keys to Success" even

A panel of graduate student women shared their thoughts on innovation at a recent program sponsored by Lehigh’s Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation. The "iDeX: Creative Keys to Success" interactive event featured a hands-on creativity session led by panelists enrolled in Lehigh’s Professional Masters program in technical entrepreneurship.

The six student panelists included:

  • Jessica Garcia ’12, CEO & Co-Captain, Tozuda, LLC;
  • Diana Guerrero, Martindale Fellow (UK), grad asst, Office of the President;
  • Katelyn Noderer '09, M. Eng candidate and co-founder, VenosTech LLC;
  • Sokunthea Pen, graduate assistant, Lehigh's College of Education;
  • Randi Tutelman ’12, co-founder, Eleanor Kalle;
  • and Marcela Zablah '12;

During the hands-on component of the program, the attendees, all of them undergraduate women, divided into groups to create prototypes of something that would improve life at Lehigh.

“You might have an idea and verbally describe it to tons of people, but everyone has a different thought process,” said Tutelman, a technical entrepreneurship student. “By prototyping and building and showing something, you give everyone a visual to look at and understand.”

Prototyping and developing concepts are important to Tutelman’s work. As an undergraduate, she studied design arts and entrepreneurship while helping Amy Mazius ‘13 start a jewelry and accessories company called Eleanor Kalle. In 2011, the pair won first place in the Baker Institute’s Joan F. and John M. Thalheimer ’55 Student Entrepreneurs Competition.

Tutleman said the technical entrepreneurship program has helped her gain experience "from the business side to the creative side" of her company.

The iDeX program was part of Lehigh’s Women’s Empowerment Week, co-sponsored by the Women’s Center, Lehigh Panhellenic, the Baker Institute and other campus organizations.

Read more about the event in the Lehigh University news archive.

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