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Sustainable skateboard entrepreneurs visit campus

Ahearn and Stover '07 to give public lecture on Monday, April 21

A business that obliterates trash that fouls the sea.

An inspirational weaving of engineering design, entrepreneurial savvy, and social and ecological responsibility.

A Lehigh education as the basis of sustainable, international impact.

And endlessly, endlessly cool.

On Monday, April 21, 4-5 p.m. in the Packard Lab Auditorium, mechanical engineers Kevin Ahearn and David Stover of the class of 2007, will give a public lecture to describe the recent launch of their dream start-up firm. Bureo Skateboards employs members of its local community to collect plastic waste from the coastline, and then uses advanced manufacturing techniques to transform three pounds of ocean-clogging junk into one sweet ride.

Ahearn and Stover, along with partner Ben Kneppers from Northeastern University, launched Bureo in March of 2014 with support from the Chilean government and guidance from Lehigh emeritus professor Chuck Smith.

“We are only doing one small thing with ocean plastic pollution,” Stover explains, “but just like a small disturbance creates a wave, we hope that our small project will be able to grow in energy and we eventually will be able to make a significant change in the way people think and act about plastic pollution.”

All members of the public and campus community are invited to attend.

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