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Computer Science and Engineering


Designed to evolve along with an industry constantly in flux, the department tackles research ranging from artificial intelligence to bioinformatics, computer vision to computer security. Student research is a department priority, and students enjoy pportunities to work on several nationally funded research projects every year. Additionally, the computer science and business program (CSB) is one of just a few programs nationwide to be dually-accredited by the professional governing bodies for computer science and for business.

Computer scientists who graduate from Lehigh University go on to work in computer programming, software development, system administration, management, and research and development. They solve computational problems and design, implement and improve complex code, turning algorithms into usable products. They work in such fields as gaming, medical imaging, robotics, database and information systems, image processing and network security.

The main difference between computer science and computer engineering is that computer engineering focuses more on hardware, while computer science focuses more on software.

Degrees Offered

• B.S.  |  B.A.  |  M.Eng., M.S., Ph.D.: Computer Science
• B.S.  |  M. Eng, M.S., Ph.D.: Computer Engineering

Research Focus Areas

• Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
• Bioinformatics
• Computer Engineering
• Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
• Databases and Information Systems
• Networking and Security
• Web Systems

Affiliated Research Centers, Laboratories, and Institutes

• Image Data Emulation & Analysis Laboratory
• Laboratory of Wireless Infrastructure and Network Security
• Intelligent Decision Systems and Technologies
• Laboratory of Networking Group
• Pattern Recognition Research Lab
• Semantic Web and Agent Technologies
• Vision, Assistive Devices, and Experimental Robotics
Web Understanding, Modeling, and Evaluation Lab