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Distinguished Alumni: By Name

The following is a list of all entries currently available within the Lehigh Engineering Heritage Initiative. This list can also be reviewed by date or by industry as well.

Do you know of a Lehigh engineer (including yourself!) who is not featured in the list below? Please support the Initiative by adding an entry. Contact us via email at lehigh.engineers@lehigh.edu.

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Adams, Peter F.
Alamgir, Faisal
Althouse, Ernest
Amelio, William
Apter, Allen
Armouti, Nazzal
Au-Young, Clarence
Avitzur, Betzalel

Bader, David
Badoux, Jean-Claude
Baer, Hans J.
Baker, Dexter F.
Ball, Kenneth
Barker, William P.
Bartlett, Thomas
Bartoe, John-David
Batchelder, Glenn
Bayles, Autumn
Bayless, James S.
Beattie, William
Beedle, Lynn
Beer, Ferdinand P.
Benson, Carville
Blake, Alfred G.
Blaustein, Jacob
Bogucz, Edward
Borland, Clifford
Bosco, Paul
Bowie, William
Bowman, James
Brodhead, Albert
Brunner, Tom
Burns, Robert

Calabrese, Gary
Camuti, Paul
Carey, James
Chambers, Harold B.
Chandler, William H.
Chang, Steve Ming-Jang
Cheli, Ralph
Chen, Wai-Fah
Choma, Theodore
Clump, Curtis
Coates, Frank
Collins, Anthony
Collins, Bill
Connor, Robert J.
Coppee, Henry
Corkum, Paul
Coxe, Eckley

Daugherty, Richard L.
Davidson, Charles
Davidson, Janet
Dean, Clark
Denson, Costel
Diamond, Theodore
Doan, Gilbert E.
Dorkin, Hank
Douglas, Frank L.
Dravo, Francis
Dravo, Ralph M.
Drinker, Henry
Drinker, Philip
Drown, Thomas
Durant, Frederick C.

Easton, Elmer
Eichelberger, Ed
Eldridge, Donald F.
Erdogan, Fazil

Faga, Martin C.
Farrington, Gregory C.
Fisher, John W.
Fitch, John
Fleck, Phil
Flinchbaugh, Jamie
Foley, James
Forlenza, Vincent A.
Fowler, Eduardo Beato
Franceschini, Donald
Freed, Andrew
French, Kenneth
Fritz, John
Funk, Nevin E.

Galambos, Theodore
Gast, Alice P.
Gibson, Andrew
Giorgio, Todd
Girdler, Tom M.
Goldmann, Stephen
Gott, Ed
Gottshall, William C.
Grace, Eugene G.
Greenawalt, Andy
Greenberg, Kenneth