Civil Engineering Degree Requirements

Civil engineers design and manage large-scale projects characterized by great size, complexity, longevity and cost. Society relies and commerce thrives upon the systems and structures they create—from buildings and the plants that power them to the roads, bridges, tunnels and waterways that connect it all.

Our students receive rigorous training in the fundamentals of the physical sciences, mathematics, and scientific methods, coupled with complementary studies in the humanities and social sciences. They acquire critical thinking and problem-solving skills, develop their powers of analysis and design, learn how to communicate effectively, and work as part of a team. And they graduate with broad technical knowledge and a strong sense of how best to apply it in a globalized society.

About the Curriculum

It takes approximately 130 credit hours of course work to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering (BSCE) at Lehigh. Elective courses total 36 credit hours of the BSCE degree.

Engineering majors typically complete 31 credits their first year. Here's what a typical civil engineering course curriculum looks like:

Freshman year, first semester (14 credits)

ENGL 1 Composition and Literature (3)
MATH 21 Calculus I (4)
PHY 11 Introductory Physics I (4)
PHY 12 Introductory Physics Laboratory I (1)
ENGR 5 Introduction to Engineering Practice (2)

Freshman year, second semester (17 credits)

ENGL 2 Composition and Literature: Fiction, Drama, Poetry (3)
MATH 22 Calculus II (4)
CHM 30 Introductory Chemical Principles (4)
ENGR 10 Applied Engineering Computer Methods (2)
ECO 1 Principles of Economics (4)

Sophomore year, first semester (17 credits)

MATH 23 Calculus III (4)
CEE 3 Engineering Statics (3)
CEE 10 Engineering/Architectural Graphics and Design (3)
CEE 11 Surveying (1)
CEE 12 Civil Engineering Statistics (2)
HSS Humanities/Social Sciences electives (4)

Sophomore year, second semester (17 credits)

MATH 205 Linear Methods (3)
CEE 59 Strength of Materials (3)
CEE 117 Numerical Methods (2)
CEE 170 Introduction to Environmental Engineering (4)
PHY 21 Introductory Physics II (4)
PHY 22 Introductory Physics Laboratory II (1)

Junior year, first semester (16 credits)

CEE 121 Mechanics of Fluids (3)
CEE 123 Civil Engineering Materials (3)
CEE 142 Soil Mechanics (3)
CEE 159 Structural Analysis I (4)
BSE Basic Science Elective (3)

Junior year, second semester (17 credits)

CEE 202 CEE Planning and Engineering Economics (3)
CEE 222 Water Resources Engineering (3)
CEE 242 Geotechnical Engineering (3)
CEE 262 Fundamentals of Structural Steel Design
or CEE 264 Fundamentals of Structural Concrete Design (3)
AE Approved Elective (6)

Senior year, first semester (17-18 credits)

CEE 203 Professional Development (2)
HSS Humanities/Social Sciences electives (7-8)
AE Approved Electives (5)
FE Free Electives (3)

Senior year, second semester (15-16 credits)

CEE 290 Capstone Design (3)
HSS Humanities/Social Science Electives (3-4)
AE Approved Electives (6)
FE Free Electives (3)

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