LTS Account Services

Users of these resources must follow the policies outlined in the Lehigh Computer Use Policy on the LTS Security webpage.

Remember - Never e-mail your Lehigh password.
Never login to any website with your Lehigh username and password if the website address doesn't end with "".

(Screen shots and Examples of phishing messages)

Account / Password Maintenance

Open New Account icon

Open Account

Open or activate a new account (using a LIN and PIN).

Change Password icon

Change Password

Change your password, PIN, security questions. (Lehigh passwords expire twice a year. An e-mail reminder is sent prior to expiration.)

Forgot Password icon

Forgot Password

Forgot your password? Use your security questions to reset it or your PIN.

Display User Account Information icon

Display Account Info

(authentication required)

Lookup or Reset Google Generated Passphrase icon

Lookup/Reset Google Passphrase

Used for e-mail (IMAP) authentication from mobile devices (authentication required)

Reset H-drive permissions icon

Reset H: Drive Permissions

H: drive is the windows active directory shared home space (authentication required)

Email Account (authentication required - not for Lehigh Google Mail)

Manage your E-mail account. (Configure e-mail forwarding, adjust SPAM detection, Subscribe to Lehigh News digests, check/bump Quotas)

Account Requests

Account Request forms
Disk Quota increase form (authentication required)

Setup Personal Webspace

You may:
  • Create LTS W&MS ticket for assistance (authentication required) or
  • Login to and run "w3setup" to create the correct AFS directory structure and permissions, then create your personal website using the info on Web Site creation.

    Types of Computing Services

    LTS provides computer accounts for the Lehigh University community. These accounts may include access to Campus Portal, E-mail, AFS, Active Directory (Windows, Wireless, VPN), Banner SSB, CourseSite, Online Library, Lehigh Phonebook, High Performance Computing, Google Apps (with Lehigh Google Mail) and other services.

    For more information about account services, please contact the LTS Identity and Access Management office. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is responsible for providing secure and appropriate access to University computing systems, and is committed to protecting privacy and safeguarding confidential information, intellectual property and strategic information.

    Questions? Call the Helpdesk at 8-4357 Or Online Live Chat.
    Alumni: call the Alumni Association Help Desk - (610) 758-3135