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Allison Wilhelm:
With the support of the IMI-NFG Research Exchange Grant I was able to spend five months in France participating in a research and education collaboration between the University of Rennes and the University of Arizona.
This research exchange experience provided me with the opportunity to acquire hands on experience that I could not possibly have obtained at the University of Arizona. I gained invaluable instruction on glass synthesis and glass fiber drawing from experts in the field, and also had the amazing opportunity to complete research in a French laboratory.
During my time in France, I learned how to synthesize a number of infrared glasses. My research at the University of Arizona has depended upon TeAsSe chalcogenide glass fibers, and although I have utilized these fibers, I have not been able to synthesize them. The University of Rennes, however, is ideally set up for the synthesis of high purity chalcogenide glasses. Therefore, through this research exchange I was able to take advantage of the specialization of each university, high purity glass synthesis at the University of Rennes and glass characterization at the University of Arizona.
The main focus of my research in Rennes was to synthesize infrared glass ceramics for optical and thermal nucleation study at the University of Arizona. Through this research exchange experience I was not only able to advance my studies in glass science but I was also able to learn more about another culture. I met many nice and very helpful people while at the University of Rennes. I was exposed to the workings of a French laboratory and was also given the time to get to know the researchers there.
The opportunity to be immersed in another culture for five months while also advancing my education was wonderful. I had an amazing time while in Rennes and have gained both a better knowledge of glass synthesis and a number of new friends.

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