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" gave me an idea where my research stood in comparison with overall glass research. It helped me broaden my outlook, look outside my own area of research.."

Left: ICTS Awardee Amit Belwalker, Graduate Student from Lehigh University, pictured here in St. Malo, France (Du Petit-Be Fort in the background, taking during his trip to thr Flow and Fracture of Advanced Glasses (FFAG-5) conference in 2011 where he presented a poster entitled "Inhomogenous Flow during Extrusion of Tellurite Glass"


"..any debate of any nature can help your work.."

Andrei Jitianu (pictured far right) talks with fellow attendees at the XIV International Sol Gel Conference in Montpellier, France. Jitianu described to us how one suggestion made and discussed with a leading expert he met during his attendence at this conference back in 2007 consequently led to a series of studies which will be published soon.


India Indoa

IMI-NFG awards Student Int'l Conference Travel Scholarships to Five US Students.
The International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass, (IMI-NFG) awarded the International Student Conference Travel Scholarships to five students from various US universities. The recipients are Deassy Novita and Jin Mingji of University if Cincinnati , Amanda Simens and Jamie Neilson of Lehigh University and Bradley Bowden of Rutgers University.
All of them attended the 15 th International Symposium on Non-Oxide and Optical Glasses (ISNOG) in Bangalore , India on April 10-14, 2006. Each of them presented a poster of their research work. The titles are as follows: D. Novita, “Intermediate Phase of AgPO3/AgI Glasses”; J. Mingji,“Giant photocontraction and self-organization effects in amorphous chalcogenide thin films”; J. Neilson , “ Fabrication of nano-gratings in arsenic sulphide films”; A. Simens , “Origin of Optical Losses in Ge-Se Containing Chalcogenide waveguides: EXAFS & SEM Study”; and B. Bowden , “Optical Properties of Ag-As-Sb-Se Glasses”.

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