Advanced Topic - Glass Lectures

The following lectures are currently available on streaming video using the highlighted links listed below and in PDF format. You will need Real Media Player installed on your computer (download) in order to view the video presentations. Some videos and slides on this page are currently in production but please examine what we have and provide your feedback by answering the Evaluation Form found at the bottom of this page. The full version should be available shortly.  

  • Zeolite Collapse, Polyamorphism & the Role of Low Frequency Modes by Neville Greaves, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK

  • Visualising Glass by Neville Greaves, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK

  • The Structure of Fracture Surfaces in Glass by S. M. Weiderhorn, NIST, USA

  • Stress Corrosion damage and Crack Propagation in Silicate Glasses by E. Bouchaud,
    CEA - Saclay, France

  • Failure Strain Studies of Glass Fibers by Richard Brow, Univ. of Missour-Rolla, USA

  • Dynamic Heterogeneity of Glassy Ionics Probed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Low-frequency Spectral Hole Burning by Roland Bohmer, Dortmund University, Germany
    Module1 Video : Introduction
    Module 2 Video : Dynamics of Ions
    Module 3 Video : Non-resonant spectral hole burning

  • Externally Attained Functionality in Network Chalcogenide Glasses Exemplified by Radiation-Induced Effects by Oleh Shpotyuk, LVIV, Ukraine (1 hour per module)
    Part 1: Introduction Printable Slides
    Introduction Part A Video
    Introduction Part B Video
    Part 2: Remarkable Features and Applications
    Applications Part A Video (still in press)
    Applications Part B Video

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