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The International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass (IMI-NFG) at Lehigh University continues to serve as an educational repository for the glass community, providing both technical and general glass education resources. Explore our Technical Learning Library with more than 350 lectures by glass experts from across the globe. In addition, the 'Glass Education and Outreach' section provides hands-on activities in glass science for non-specialists. Please explore the many videos on our site and get to know the basis of unlimited attributes of glass.
We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the National Science Foundation for the development of this program for over 11 years from August 2004 through August 2015 (DMR-0409588 and DMR-0844014).

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Roadmap 1: Applications in Energy TechnologyRoadmaps of Glass for Energy and Information Now Available! This report summarizes the main message of the different talks and subsequent interactive discussions from "The International Interactive Conference on Functional Glasses: Properties and Applications for Energy & Information" that took place on January 6 - 11, 2013 in Siracusa, Sicily. The report attempts to evaluate and identify the most critical needs and scientific issues in the two fields. It also provides roadmaps outlining future needs and opportunities for glass in energy and information technologies.

SicilyAtomistic Modeling of Glass Structure & Glass Properties This 7 week online course provided a comprehensive introduction into atomistic modeling of glass structure and properties by concentrating on basic phenomenological models and numerical atomic-scale simulations. View lectures & slides

ECI SicilyThis conference established dialog between leading glass users and active glass researchers, together with the glass manufacturers who often serve as the interface between these two communities, through a series of invited talks, panel discussions, breakout sessions and poster sessions. Full report now available. For more information click here>

"Research Exchange Program Builds International Relationships"In today's global marketplace, it is more important than ever for students and researchers to gain an international perspective. Some are doing so through the IMI-NFG, like Graduate student Adam Stone (right) who has spent time at Kyoto University's innovative Collaboration Center.

Glass in Energy. Mini Interactive Web Course.
Spring Semester 2012. This 7 week course provided an overview of the use of glass in different applications in the field of energy, starting with an introduction to the fabrication process & most relevant properties of glass, followed by a review of current & future energy domains where glass is used. Video Lectures & Notes >

Mini Interactive Web Course on CHALCOGENIDE GLASSES. Spring Semester 2011. This 7 week course provided students with a broad overview of chacogenide glasses (structure & properties) and existing and potential applications, such as in photonics, electronics and ionics. Presentations and videos of lectures available in our technical learning library.

IMI for Glass Receives Second Five-Year Grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to increase the visibility of glass across the globe. Glass plays a critical role in most of the 14 "grand challenges" that, according to the National Academy of Engineering, human beings need to solve in the 21st century. Read Full Article >
US-China Winter School on New Functionalities in Glass, Zhejiang University, China. The goal of this Winter School was to expose interested students in US and China in an international environment to the crucial role played by glasses in the cutting-edge applications of today, and emerging technolgies of tomorrow.
Read one student's experience of studying abroad >

Reflecting on the Many Uses of Glass.
Left: biocompatatible, bioactive glass is one focus of the research at NSF's International Materials Institute for new Functionality in Glass. Full article >


Seth Berbano, a Materials Engineering Junior at Iowa State University has been busy in the labs of Osaka Prefecture University (OPU) in Sakai City, Japan on a 10 week research experience (REU Program) sponsored by the IMI-NFG. The purpose of this program is to introduce students, like Seth, to the opportunities in glass research at a world class glass technical facility both within the US and abroad. Read more>

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number DMR-0844014.
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