• pypdas (Python)
  • - A implementation of primal-dual active-set (PDAS) method for convex quadratic optimization problems(QPs). Iterative inexact subproblem solve is supported. Especially efficient for certain discretized optimal control problems, and large-scale sparse convex QPs.

    Data Science

    Expression of emotion: Lehigh News in the decade 2002 – 2013
    - Created a web crawler to fetch Lehigh News Archive, applied simple text mining techniques for sentiment analysis.


  • A Quick tutorial for CUTEr installation
  • Edit LaTex files efficiently in Emacs
  • Manage multiple C/C++ compilers

  • Recommendations

  • Sage
  • OpenOpt
  • DecisionTree

  • Note: selected from my blog, Sage Notebook and github, etc..

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