Dr.Liu Lab: Bio Nanomechanics, LU




Principle Investigator




Yaling Liu

Department of Mechanical Engireening & Mechanics

Bioengineering Program

Associate Professor, Lehigh University

Associate member, Center for Targeted Therapeutics and Translational Nanomedicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine



PhD Students



Shunqiang Wang

Mechanical Engineering (shw411 at lehigh dot edu)

Microfluidic Chips and Nanotechnology for Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells
Computational Modeling of Nanoparticle and Cell Dynamics
Biosensing at Ultralow Concentration



Doruk Erdem Yunus

Mechanical Engineering (dey212 at lehigh dot edu)

3d printing/manufacturing



Christopher Uhl

Bioengineering (cgu213 at lehigh dot edu)

Particle delivery in biomimetic vascular flow networks
Testing the stent/cell interaction that occurs during stent implantation
Detection of proteins associated with circulating tumor cells at very low concentrations



Salman Sohrabi

Mechanical Engineering (sas713 at lehigh dot edu)

Nanoparticle Drug Delivery



Ran He

Mechanical Engineering (rah212 at lehigh dot edu)

Novel process and machine development for 3D printing and digital manufacturing
Fabrication of lab-on-chip devices with 3D micro patterns and structures



Wentao Shi

Bioengineering (wes214 at lehigh dot edu)

Cell surface interaction/Tumor in a chip/3D printing tumor


Past Graduate Students


Jifu Tan, Ph.D. (Current position: postdoc at UPenn)

Mechanical Engineering (jifutan at seas dot upenn dot edu )

Computational Nanoparticle Drug Delivery and Microfluidics experiment validation
Developing a mesoscale simulation tool for nanoparticle delivery and blood flow in microcirculation

Antony Thomas, Ph.D. (Current position: scientist at Ionis Pharmaceuticals)

Bioengineering (ant210 at lehigh dot edu)

Biomimetic Platform for Evaluation of Nanomedicine Delivery
Circulating Tumor Cell Capture on Micropatterned surface

Yihu Zhou, Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineering

Characterization of Nanosensor Field-Assisted Detection of Biomarkers at Ultralow Concentration
Mechanical properties of nano-structure constructed by DNA-grafted nanoparticles assembly

Junda Zhen (Current position: Manufacturing engineer at Globalstart Inc.)

Mechanical Engineering (juz212 at lehigh dot edu)

Predict NP Targeted Delivery Efficacy in Vascular Environment through Multi-scale Modeling

Xiangxingyu Lin (Current position: Mechanical engineer at Advanced Mechatronics Solutions)

Mechanical Engineering (xil712 at lehigh dot edu)

Micro/nano-fabrication issue related to 3D Printing manufacturing

Ji Hu (Current position: Pharmula labs, LLC)

Mechanical Engineering

Cell adhesion and alignment of cells on a curved surface
DNA guided micro/nanoparticle assembly

Samar Shah

(M.S., ME, now work as Project Engineer in a chemical industry at Virginia)

Thesis: Numerical simulation of particle adhesion dynamics for applications in Nanomedicine and Biosensing

Abhijit Ramchandran

(M.S., BME, now at Dava Oncology working on Cancer Clinical Research at Dallas)

Thesis: Moleculer modeling of DNA translocation in Bio-Functionalized nanopores with applications in Gene sequencing

Qingjiang Guo

(M.S., ME)

Thesis: Biosensing at Ultralow Concentration

Manohara Mariyappa

(M.S., ME, now work as Project Engineer in Altair Engineering, Inc. at Detroit)

Thesis: Multiscale modeling of targeted drug delivery and DIEP flap perfusion

Undergraduate Students

Steven Lee

Mechanical Engineering

Algorithm that will provide a 3D DLP printer access to three dimensional movement, and therefore, the ability to efficiently print large objects at high resolution and speed.

Dan DePietro


Cancer cell capture on micropatterned surface and Nanoparticle distribution on ICAM-1 coated biomimetic chips

John Curry

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Project: Enhanced mixing by ultrasound excited microbubbles

Kyle Selditch


DNA-Au Nanoparticle based optical switch and DNA-Au nanoparticle assembly

Hannah Feragen

Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Sciences

Project: 3D design and visualization of complex bio-nano systems

Jinliang Li

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Project: Mechanical stretching device for stimulation of cells and biomolecules

Jordan Rejaud

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Project: Biomimetic Microfluidic Chips


Matthew Waller, (B.S., ME.) Project: Cell-Biomaterial Interaction

Chad Molyet, (B.S., ME.) Former Project: Nanoparticle Distribution in Capillary Channel

Daniel Tran, (B.S., Biology.) Former Project: Molecular Simulation of Nanoparticle Thermal Thearpy


Research Associates

Abhijit Ramchandran

Biomedical Engineering

Project: Characterization and Enumeration of Heterogeneous Cancer Cell Transformation and Clonal Progression using Microfluidics and Microelectronics

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