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The Lab of Micro- and Nanotechnology for Diagnostics and Biology at Lehigh's University is estabilishe by prof. Xuanhong Cheng in January 2008. The lab is focused on developing new nano-materials and microfluidic platforms that can be used to analyze intact, live bioparticles, such as cells and pathogens at the point of need. These technologies are also expected to advance fundamental understanding of cell function and pathogen transmission.


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Recent News

Welcome Keely Heintz (Bioe PhD student) to the group

The Cheng lab welcomes students from William High to tour the lab and start summer project.

Jane Sharkey won the Parenteral Drug Association Award at the Delaware Valley Science Fair, 2012.

Welcome Sam Feinstein to (IDEAS Junior) to the lab (01/12)

Yongkang Gao's paper "Plasmonic Mach–Zehnder Interferometer for Ultrasensitive On-Chip Biosensing" published on ACS Nano.

Professors Hwang and Cheng awarded a DTRA-SEED grant (2/1/2012).

Chao Zhao (PhD student, MSE) gave an oral presentation "Microfluidic Separation of Viruses from Cells Based on Intrinsic Transport Processes" at BMES 2011 (10/15/2011)

Pedro Soto (senior, Bioengineering) gave a poster presentation "FCS Detection Sensitivity Improvement for Nanoparticle Counting" at BMES 2011 (10/15/2011)

Yi Hu (PhD candidate, Physics) gave a poster presentation "Direct Enumeraton of Dilute Bio-nanoparticles in an Optical Trap" at BMES 2011 (10/14/2011)

Welcome Jane Sharkey (Emmaus High) and John Fraser (Bioe Freshman, Lehigh) to the group (09/01/11)

Professors Gilchrist, Snyder, Mittal, Tansu and Cheng awarded a NSF grant (08/15/10)

Welcome Caroline Multari (MSE PhD student) to the group (08/11)

Chao Zhao's work on virus separation accepted by Biomicrofluidics.

Bu's work in collaboration with Gilchrsit lab on cell capture accepted by Langmuir.

Professors Bartoli, Jedlicka and Cheng awarded a NSF grant (09/01/10)

Welcome Chao Zhao (MSE PhD student) to the group (08/10)

BDSI 2010 students Sherwood Benavides, Colleen Curley, Jonathan Cursi andMeaghan Phipps finished summer research from the Cheng/Gilchrists labs (07/31/10)

Dan Bechetti, Spencer Nelle and Makenzie Wolfe (undergraduate research assistants) graduated from LU (04/30/10)

Professor Cheng appointed as the P.C. Rossin Assistant professor ( 04/16/10)

Professors Cheng and Ou-yang awarded a Pennsylvania Department of Health grant (04/12/10)

BDSI 2009 students Colleen Curley, Jonathan Cursi andMeaghan Phipps finished summer research from the Cheng/Gilchrists labs (07/31/10)

Professors Cheng and Misiolek awarded a NIH R21 grant (06/01/09)

Professors Gilchrist and Cheng awarded a NSF-CBET grant (06/31/08)





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