Vladimir T. Dobric

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Phone: (610)758-3734 (o)

Department of Mathematics

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Lehigh University

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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    Recent Publications

  • "Stability properties for compactly supported prescale function" in SIAM, Journal of Mathematical Analysis (1999).

  • "Weakly compactly generated Banach spaces and the strong law of large numbers," J. Theor. Probab. 7(1994), 129--134.

  • "Stochastic differentiability in maximum likelihood theory (with C. Liebars) Probability in Banach spaces," Proceedings on the Ninth International Conference, Birkhauser, Boston, 1994.

  • "Exact asymptotics for transportation cost in high dimensions (with J. Yukich)," J. Theor. Probab. 8(1995), 97--118.

  • "Some analogs of the Berry-Esseen bound for first-order Chebyshev-Edgeworth expansions (with B.K. Ghosh)," Statistics and Decisions 14(1996), 383--404.

    Courses I Taught

  • Math 467 Financial Calculus I
      Basic mathematical concepts behind derivative pricing and portfolio management of derivative securities. Development of Arbitrage Pricing Theory in the context of the binomial model and Black-Sholes model. Option pricing in more realistic scenarios. Introduction to the theory of Brownian motion and Ito calculus (Stochastic Calculus).
  • Math 468 Financial Calculus II
      Topics on continuous-time martingales, Brownian motion and Ito calculus. The absence of arbitrage opportunities and the existence of equivalent martingale measures, the pricing of contingent claims. Quantitative methods for portfolio management with the Capital Asset Pricing Model and Merton's continuous time dynamic models. Models for the random evolution of the term structure of interest rates.

    My Ph.D. Students

  • Cathy Liebars
  • Robert Stolz
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