Seth Richards-Shubik: Research
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
College of Business and Economics
Lehigh University


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Working Papers

"Identifying Preferences in Networks with Bounded Degree" (with Áureo de Paula and Elie Tamer), latest version: November 2016. (PDF)
(Previous versions circulated under the titles "Identification of Preferences in Network Formation Games" and "Inference Approaches with Network Data")

"Contagion in the European Sovereign Debt Crisis" (with Brent Glover), latest version: February 2016. (PDF)
(Earlier version: NBER Working Paper 20567, October 2014.)

"Health and Work Capacity of Older Adults: Estimates and Implications for Social Security Policy" (with David M. Cutler, Ellen Meara, and Wilson F. Powell, III), latest version: December 2014. (PDF)


Chung, Andrea P., Martin Gaynor, and Seth Richards-Shubik. 2016. "Subsidies and Structure: The Lasting Impact of the Hill-Burton Program on the Hospital Industry." The Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming.

Lo-Ciganic, Wei-Hsuan, Walid F. Gellad, Haiden A. Huskamp, Niteesh K. Choudhry, Chung-Chou H. Chang, Ruoxin Zhang, Bobby L. Jones, Hasan Guclu, Seth Richards-Shubik, and Julie M. Donohue. 2016. "Who Were the Early Adopters of Dabigatran? An Application of Group-Based Trajectory Models." Medical Care, 54(7): 725-732.

Goldring, Thomas, Fabian Lange, and Seth Richards-Shubik. 2016. "Testing for Changes in the SES-Mortality Gradient When the Distribution of Education Changes Too." Journal of Health Economics, 46(March): 120-130.

Richards-Shubik, Seth. 2015. "Peer Effects in Sexual Initiation: Separating Demand and Supply Mechanisms." Quantitative Economics, 6(3): 663-702.
(Previous versions: PIER Working Paper 12-015, January 2012; December 2010 draft with extended IV analysis of the composite effect of social interactions, see section 5, PDF.)

Horrace, William C., Seth Richards-Shubik, and Ian A. Wright. 2015. " Expected Efficiency Ranks from Parametric Stochastic Frontier Models." Empirical Economics, 48(2): 829-848.

Cutler, David M., Ellen Meara, and Seth Richards-Shubik. 2012. "Induced Innovation and Social Inequality: Evidence from Infant Medical Care." Journal of Human Resources, 47(2): 456-492.

Horrace, William C., and Seth Richards-Shubik. 2012. "A Monte Carlo Study of Ranked Efficiency Estimates from Frontier Models." Journal of Productivity Analysis, 38(2): 155-165.

Cutler, David M., Fabian Lange, Ellen Meara, Seth Richards-Shubik, and Christopher J. Ruhm. 2011. "Rising Educational Gradients in Mortality: The Role of Behavioral Risk Factors." Journal of Health Economics, 30(6): 1174-87.

David, Guy, Sara Markowitz, and Seth Richards-Shubik. 2010. "The Effects of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Promotion on Adverse Drug Events and Regulation." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2(4): 1-25.

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Richards, Seth. 2005. "A Social Network Analysis into the David Kelly Tragedy." Connections, 26(2): 25-32.