My Students

Working with graduate students is often the most rewarding part of the job. Here is a list of the doctoral and master's students I serve as dissertation/thesis adviser.

Doctoral Students

  • Michael Chang, Ph.D. (1990) (on the faculty of Yuan-Tze Institute of Technology, Taiwan)
    Topic: " An On-Line Rescheduling Algorithm for Maintaining Efficiency and Stability of Failure Prone Manufacturing Systems"
  • Jorge Leon, Ph.D., (1991) (on the faculty of Texas A&M University)
    Topic: "Game Theoretic Control and Robust Scheduling of Job-Shops in the Presences of Disruptions"
  • Eui-Seok Byeon, Ph.D. (1993) (on the faculty of SunMoon University, Korea)
    Topic: "Graph-Theoretic Decomposition and Robust Scheduling Methods for Job Shops Under Random Disturbances"
  • I.-K. Park, Ph.D. (1993) Co-Chaired with R.H.Storer (Korean Navy Commander)
    Topic: "Problem Space Search for Sequencing Type Problems"
  • Michale Bartolacci, Ph.D. (1995) (on the faculty of Pennsylvania State University)
    Topic: "An Adaptable Routing Optimization Model for Communication Networks Subject to Traffic Fluctuation and Component Failures"
  • Jewel Bonser, Ph.D. (1996) (on the technical staff of Pennsylvania Power and Light)
    Topic: A Procurement Planning Optimization Model Integrating Strategic Planning with Dynamic Short Term Decisions"
  • Kedar Naphade , Ph.D. (1997) (Co-Chaired with R.H. Storer) (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies)
    Topic: "Combinatorial Optimization with the Presence of Decision Dependent Constraints"
  • Mary Meixell, Ph.D. (1998) (on the faculty of Quinnipiac University)
    Topic: "Modeling Demand Behavior in Manufacturing Supply Chains"
  • Erhan Kutanoglu, Ph.D. (1999) (on the faculty of University of Texas, Austin)
    Topic: "Distributed Resource Scheudling: Optimization Models, Euqilibrium Conditions and Incentive Compatible Mechanisms"
  • Hakan Gobashi, Ph.D. (2001) (on the technical staff of ESRI Geographical Information Systems, Redlands, CA)
    Topic: "Supply Chain Coordination: Optimization And Game-Theoretic Models"
  • Kadir Ertogral, Ph.D. (2001) (on the faculty of theTOBB University of Economics and Technology, Turkey)
    Topic: "Coordinating Supply Chain In Decentralized Environments: Optimization, Auction and Bargaining-Theoretic Models"
  • Suleyman Karabuk, Ph.D. (2002) (on the faculty of University of Oklahoma)
    Topic: "Coordinating Capacity Decisions for The High-Tech Supply Chain"
  • Mingzhou Jin, Ph.D. (2002), (on the faculty of On the faculty of University of Tennessee at Knoxville)
    Topic: "Game Theoretic Analysis for Supply Chain Coordination: Modeling Electronic Intermediation, Coalition Formation, and Capacity Reservation"
  • Murate Erkoc, Ph.D. (2002), (on the faculty of University of Miami)
    Topic: "Due-Date, Capacity, and Inventory Coordination in High-Tech Manufacturing Supply Chains: Game Theoretic Analysis "
  • Serkan Ozkan, Ph.D. (2004), (on the Technical Staff of United Airlines)
    Topic: ""Competitive Equilibrium Analysis of Repeated Procurement Auctions,"
  • Berrin Aytac, Ph.D. (2009),(On the faculty of TOBB
    University of Economics and Technology, Turkey)
    Topic: "Characterizing Demand Uncertainty in High-Tech Environments: Models, Analysis, and Case Studies"
  • Banu Gemici-Ozkan, Ph.D. (2009)(On the technical staff of the Carnival Cruise Lines)
    Topic: "Strategic Quandaries for High-Tech Contract Manufacturers: Analysis and Decision Models"
  • M. Atan Ph.D. (2010), (On the technical staff of ASML, Netherlands) Topic: “Supply-Demand Planning in High Tech Industries: Models, Algorithms, and Case Studie"

Master's Students
(listed by research areas)

  • Scheduling
    F.-C. Liu (1996), Koichi Tsuruta (1995), Phil Brennan (1994),Kevin O'sullivan (1993*), K. Garland (1992), Jack Lojko (1988), Dan Zenzel, Jr. (1988)
  • Combinatorial Optimization
    B. Marjan (1992),N. Gupta (1991*),R. Vacarri (1990*)
  • Telecommunications
    H. Gobashi (1996), S.-Y. Tsen (1992)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    Shahabuddin (2004), R. Barbiari (2001), J. Green (1999), E. M. Feit (1998), R. Christie (1997), N. Al-Refai (1996), K. Zeithammer (1996*), B. Doshi (1996*), K. Luton (1989), L. Byrd (1995), M.G. Zhang (1988), J.C. Fu (1989)