Current students (Fall 2014)


      • Travis Andrews, PhD student co-advised with Ben Felzer.

        Dissertation topic: Global change, water availability, and forest change in the Northeast

      • Michael Clifford, PhD candidate

        Dissertation topic: Late Holocene drought and fire variability in North America inferred from peatland archives.

        Selected recent publications:

        Clifford, M.J. & R.K. Booth. 2013. Increased probability of fire during late Holocene droughts in northern New England. Climatic Change 119: 693-704.

        Clifford, M.J., N.S. Cobb, and M. Buenemann. 2011. Long-term tree cover dynamics in a pinyon-juniper woodland: drought resets successional clock. Ecosystems 14:949-962 doi:10.1007/s10021-011-9458-2.

      • Chandler Navara, MS student co-advised with Dr. Amber Rice (Dept of Biology)

        Thesis topic: Effects of Hybridization and Habitat Choice on Reproductive Success and Blood Parasite Infection Levels of Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees

      • Maura Sullivan, PhD candidate

        Dissertation topic: The role of short-term environmental variability in structuring testate amoeba communities.

        Selected recent publications:

        Sullivan, M.E. & R.K. Booth. 2011. The potential influence of short-term environmental variability on the composition of testate amoeba communities in Sphagnum peatlands. Microbial Ecology 62:80-93.

Undergraduate (senior honors thesis)

Bob Mason. The Influence of White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) on Tree Recruitment in Forest Canopy Gaps Created by Hurricane Sandy.


Lab Alumni


  • Michelle Spicer, MS 2014. Thesis title: The legacy of planting: A century-long experiment in forest development at Lehigh University. Michelle is pursuing a PhD in the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Biological Science, working under the supervision of Dr. Walter Carson.

  • Katie Leboeuf, MS 2014. Thesis title: Holocene Vegetation, Hydrology, and Fire in the North-Central Adirondacks of New York.

  • Eric Klein, PhD 2013 (co-advised with Zicheng Yu). Dissertation title: Differential Response of Alaska Peatlands to Climate Changes of the Last Millennium. Eric is currently a post-doctoral researcher with Dr. Jeff Welker at the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

  • Travis Andrews, MS 2012. Thesis title: Testate amoebae as hydrological proxies in the Florida Everglades. Travis is currently pursuing a PhD in the EES Department.

  • Alex Ireland, PhD 2012, Postdoctoral researcher 2012. Dissertation title: Assessing the senstivity of kettle ecosystems to climatic and anthropogenic disturbances. Alex completed his PhD in 2012 and then stayed on for eight months as a postdoctoral researcher. He then spent a years as a postdoctoral scholar in Penn State's Ecosystem Science and Management Program, before accepting his current postion as an environmental scientist for Exxon-Mobile.

  • Erin Markel, MS 2009. Thesis title: A comparative study of testate amoebae and δ13C of Sphagnum as surface-moisture proxies in Alaskan peatlands. Erin is currently an environmental scientist at JMT Environment & Natural Resources Group in Maryland.

  • Valerie Sousa, MS 2008. Thesis title: Drought, lake-effect snow, and the Late Holocene beech decline: a paleoecological study at Pinhook Peatland in northwestern Indiana.

Undergraduate (senior honors thesis)

  • Kevin Barrett, BS 2012. Thesis title: A late Holocene record of moisture variability from a bog in southeastern Alaska. Kevin is currently pursuing a PhD in the Department of Botany at the University of Wisconsin working under the supervision of Dr. Sara Hotchkiss.

  • John Powell, BA 2010. Thesis title: Controls on Radial Growth of Pinus strobus (white pine) on a Floating Peatland.