Lab group

Alex Ireland, Post-doctoral researcher

Alex is now a postdoctoral scholar in Ecosystem Science and Management at Penn State University, although he is still actively collaborating on projects with the lab.

Selected recent publications:

  • Ireland, A.W., R.K. Booth, S.C. Hotchkiss, & J.E. Schmitz. 2013. A comparative study of within-basin and regional peatland development: implications for peatland carbon dynamics. Quaternary Science Reviews 71: 85-95.
  • Ireland, A.W., R.K. Booth, S.C. Hotchkiss, & J.E. Schmitz. 2012. Drought as a trigger for rapid state shifts in kettle ecosystems: implications for ecosystem responses to climate change. Wetlands 32: 989-1000.
  • Ireland, A.W. & R.K. Booth. 2012. Upland deforestation triggered an ecosystem-state shift in a kettle peatland. Journal of Ecology 100: 586-596.

  • Ireland, A.W. & R.K. Booth. 2011. Hydroclimatic variability drives episodic expansion of a floating peat mat in a North American glacial kettle. Ecology 92(1): 11-18.

Travis Andrews, PhD student co-advised with Ben Felzer.

Dissertation topic: Global change and water availability in the Northeast

Michael Clifford, PhD candidate

Dissertation topic: Late Holocene drought and fire variability in North America inferred from peatland archives.

Selected recent publications:

  • Clifford, M.J., N.S. Cobb, and M. Buenemann. 2011. Long-term tree cover dynamics in a pinyon-juniper woodland: drought resets successional clock. Ecosystems 14:949-962 doi:10.1007/s10021-011-9458-2.
  • Floyd, M.L., M. Clifford, N. Cobb, D. Hanna, R. Delph, P. Ford, and D. Turner. 2009. Relationship of stand characteristics to drought-induced mortality in piñon-juniper woodlands in Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. Ecological Applications 19:1223-1230.

Katie LeBoeuf, MS student

Thesis topic: Late Holocene vegetation-climate relationships in the Adirondack Lakes Region, northern New York.

Michelle Spicer, MS student

A century-long experiment in forest planting: ecological history of the Lehigh Experimental Forest Plantation.

Link to Michelle's research blog

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Maura Sullivan, PhD candidate

The role of short-term environmental variability in structuring testate amoeba communities.

Selected recent publications:

  • Sullivan, M.E. & R.K. Booth. 2011. The potential influence of short-term environmental variability on the composition of testate amoeba communities in Sphagnum peatlands. Microbial Ecology 62:80-93.

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