International Research Workshop: Peatland Archives of Holocene Climate Variability

17-21 May 2009, at Vihula, Estonia

Sediments of Sphagnum-dominated peatlands constitute a valuable archive of Holocene climate change and variability. These peatlands are broadly distributed at mid to high latitudes in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and at high elevations at lower latitudes, including tropical mountains. Their sediments contain a variety of microfossil, macrofossil, geochemical, and stable-isotope proxies of temperature and hydrology, and records are demonstrably sensitive to subcentennial to subdecadal climate variation. We are convening a workshop assembling leading researchers in peatland paleoclimatology and related fields to identify critical research needs and priorities, develop a comprehensive science agenda to advance peatland paleoclimatology, and initiate planning for a global network of Holocene peatland records. The workshop will draw together an international group of 35 peatland and paleoclimate scientists.


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