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Robert K. Booth

I am an ecologist interested in the influence of environmental variability and disturbance on biological communities and ecosystems. My research group generally utilizes the rich record of environmental variability preserved in the sediments of peatlands and lakes, although we couple these studies with investigations of contemporary and historical ecology when possible. Much of the research of our group is designed to address pressing issues in global change, with recent and ongoing projects focused on understanding the spatial patterns and climatology of past drought variability, the effects of moisture variability on forest and wetland ecosystems, the mechanisms and dynamics of abrupt ecological change, and interactions among deforestation, drought, and wildfire.

In addition, our group has a history of studying the ecology and biogeography of testate amoebae, a group of moisture-sensitive, shell-producing protists. Recent and current projects including the development and refinement of paleohydrological calibration datasets, assessing the role of short-term environmental variability in structuring testate amoeba communities, and understanding the causes of restricted biogeographic distribution patterns. These efforts are primarily focused on refining and extending the use of these organisms as environmental and paleoenvironmental indicators.


  • Associate Professor, Lehigh University (2011-present)
  • Class of 1961 Professorship (2013-2015)
  • Associate Editor, Quaternary Research (2012-present)
  • Frank S. Hook Assistant Professor, Lehigh University (2010-2012)
  • Assistant Professor, Lehigh University (2006-2011)
  • Assistant Scientist (2005), University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Post-doctoral Fellow (2003-05), University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • PhD (2003), Botany, University of Wyoming
  • MS (1998), Biology, Georgia Southern University
  • BS (1995), Biology, The Pennsylvania State University


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Selected publications prior to 2011