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Course Materials
    General Information                (version August 24, 2012)    
    Schedule and Assignments      (version August 26, 2012)
Equation Sheet                       (version August 24, 2012)
    Handout on Optics                
(version August 24, 2012)    
    Handout on Waves                
(version August 24, 2012)     
    Coulomb's Law with Vectors  (version August 24, 2012) 
    Line Integrals                          (version August 24, 2012)
    Integrals                                  (version August 31, 2012) 
    Gauss's Law                           (version October 8, 2012)  

    The link above to "Line Integrals' shows how to do them rigorously.  The information provided is not strictly part of the course materials, but may be helpful.

Textbook and Web-based Homework System 
textbook: 13th edition Y/F

The text for Physics 21 and for Physics 19 is University Physics, by Hugh D.Young, Roger Freedman and Lewis Ford, 13th edition, and published by Pearson Addison Wesley. You will need only volume 2. For both 21 and 19, you also need access to the web-based homework system "Mastering Physics."  If you took physics last year and had an access code for MasteringPhysics, you can use the same registration again this year.  Your original registration is good for two years from the time of first use. 

There are several options for buying the textbook and the access code, separately or bundled together. The bookstore offers a new book with access code for $154.20, or a rental book without access code for $64.95. You can buy a new book plus an access code directly from the publisher at this link for $143.93 (with free ground shipping). You can buy the access code for $60.50 online  at this link. If you order the book online, pay attention to the shipping costs and delivery times.  You will need the textbook when classes start.
13th or 12th Edition of the Textbook

Several students have asked about using the 12th edition instead of the 13 edition.  That will probably not cause major issues, since the two books are very similar, but there are a few pitfalls.  Some of the problem numbers are different, but we will use the online homework, not problems in the textbook.  The numbers of some examples have changed, so check the reading assignments. Regardless of which edition you own, you will need to use the online homework.  When the online system asks which textbook you are using,  you should enter "13th edition".

Click here for a step-by-step guide to registering for the web-based homework system.  Once you have registered, you can log into MasteringPhysics by clicking here or on the logo above that says "MasteringPhysics    Web-based homework."

Slides from Lectures
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Lec-19 was the first on waves.  Lec-20 was cancelled.  There is no link to Lec-22 because Lec-19 and 21 were 75 minutes long to make up for the lecture lost during the storm.

Homework Solutions
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The solutions to hw 19 and hw 20 are drafts, so they may have minor typos.

First Hour Exam 
The first hour exam was Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012.   Here is some information about the exam.  Here is a practice exam and its solution.  Here is the hour exam and its solution

Second Hour Exam 

The second hour exam will be on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012 at 4:10 pm.  Here is some information about the exam, a practice exam, and the solution to the practice exam.    Here is the real exam and its solution.

Final Exam   

Here is another practice problem (and solution) for the final exam.

The following recitation leaders will give review sessions:

2:00 pm, LL 316, Tuesday
5:30 pm, LL 270, Tuesday
7:00 pm, LL 316, Tuesday
5:00 pm, LL 512, Wednesday

The final exam will begin Thursday Dec.13, 2012 at 7:10 pm.  Here is a study guide, some practice problems on optics, and their solution.  (Note that the diagram for problem 2 is not quite right -- the angle theta should be measured from the midpoint of the slit.)

The final will be in PA 101.  There is an exam from 4:00 pm -- 7:00 pm in that room just before ours, so there may be some congestion around 7:00 pm with many students going and coming at the same time. Plan on getting there close to 7:00 pm, but not early.

Extra time students will begin the exam at 5:40 pm in LL 221 (the astronomy lab) and then move to PA 101 about 7:20 pm.

Prof. Peet Hickman  after class or by appointment
Mina Esmaeelpour
 SF106, 8-3953, office hours:
  Tues. 2-4 pm; Wed. 3-5 pm
Dr. Jon Glueckstein
 LL401, 8-3910, office hours:
   Tues. and Thurs. 8:10 am - noon
Natalie Hernandez
 LL304; 8-5139; office hours:
   Mon. 9-10 am; Tues. 2-3 pm;
   Wed. 2-3 pm; Thurs. 3-4 pm
Laura McMillen
 LL419; 8-2497; office hours:
   Tues. and Thurs. 1-3 pm


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