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Dr. Bocchini Research Group

Dr. Paolo Bocchini is the Frank Hook Assistant Professor, in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Lehigh University. His research group focuses on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure Systems, Probabilistic Analysis applied to Civil Engineering, and Computational Mechanics.

Active Research Topics


Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure Systems


Hazard Quantization for Stochastic Simulation


Guided Acoustic Waves for NDT

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News and Events

Iacocca Hall
28 and 31 October 2016
Two very important events at Lehigh: a 4-hour seminar series on Infrastructure Resilience and a Symposium on Probabilistic Modeling. You can come to Lehigh for the first on Friday, spend the weekend in NY or Philly, and join the second on Monday.
Journal of Infrastructure Systems
October 2016
Our paper on Resilience and Sustainability is the most read of the year in the ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems.
October 2016
A new phase of the project "100 Year Service Life" has been awarded, to continue studying the probabilistic penetration of chloride in concrete structures and predict the service life of all bridges in Pennsylvania (sponsored by PennDOT, in collaboration with Dr. Naito and Dr. Fox's groups).
San Diego
September 2016
The work of the group hits a lot of news outlets, most notably ASCE.
September 2016
The Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance has awarded our group, in partnership with OSIsoft, a new project on "Processing high-resolution industrial recovery time-series for infrastructure resilience analysis".
Hook professorship
August 2016
Dr. Bocchini receives the "Frank Hook Assistant Professorship", given to an outstanding junior scholar-teacher who also fosters personal interaction and mentoring relationships with students
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