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Madureira's Blink Sketch

Blink Cameos (Updated 10/9/98)

Latest Sighting

The most recent Blink sighting is one I found in an older source; the "Ultimate Edition" trade paperback for the Astonishing X-Men. As you might already know, at the end of the AoA, Marvel issued gold foil covered trade paperbacks containing the four issues of the AoA titles. What you may not have known, is that this book has an extra; a Blink sketch by her creator, Joe Madureira!

Found and scanned by Yours truely in an attempt to keep you up to date!

Sightings found or confirmed via the Sightings page

Uncanny X-Men 350
In celebrating the 350th issue of the Uncanny X-Men, it is appropriate that they would feature Blink! As Psylocke wanders through a room containing what Magneto refers to as "fallen ones", there is a statue of AoA Blink! This cameo is no doubt courtesy of Joe Madureira, longtime Blink artist.
Thanx to Dark Claw, Lotsota, and Angela Twohig for pointing out the biggest Blink story yet this year to me.

What If 77
This issue, called "The Age of Xavier", explores the resulting world if Legion had actually killed Magneto in the Legion Quest preceding the AoA. Blink made a cameo, albeit hard to recognize due to the drawing quality ;).
Thanx to for the confrim.

Wizard Magazine #72
There is a Blink poster in Wizard #72, a popular comic collecting mag which has shown a Blink-friendly editorial policy in the past. In the same iss, Blink is the #1 action figure they'd like to see.
Here's a scan of that poster.

X-Men: The Animated Series - Two episodes
Blink was in an episode called "One Man's Worth - Part 1" in which Nimrod sends Fitzroy into the past after Xavier, and Shard and Bishop must try to fend off an AoA like world. Blink was supposedly a cameo in one of the alternate reality shots.
Thanx to for the confirm. He says that it's a very small shot, and that it is accompanied by cameos from other AoA'ers.

Blink also appeared in an episode called "Bloodlines". Human-mutant tensions had gotten so bad that the national guard had to escort students to school, and Blink was one of the lucky students ;). It was not a combat role, but she is one of very few GenX'ers to appear on that show.

What If 79
Blink appeared on page 17 second bar of this issue entitled "What if Storm had the power of Phoenix?". It was just a cameo, and her face was blue rather than lavender!

Sightings I found myself

X-Men 56

As the On-slaughter continues in X-Men 56, we see Onslaught sucking the brain of Nate Grey for memories of the AoA! And who should show up in his head but ... Blink! Now why would the Marvel writers want to keep in practice drawing Blink?

X-Men Chronicles 1
This AoA edition of X-Men Unlimited had a Blink pic in the picture gallery in the back.

What If 81
"What if the Age if Apocalypse had continued?" Blink's picture is on the cover, and her name is mentioned once ("Blink's portal has let us launch the attack..." or something to that effect)

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