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WWF Attitude Blink

Lavender Darts' WWF liason,, has created a followup to his Blink wrestler for WWF warzone in that game's sequel: WWF Attitude. Without further ado:


First: Clarice
Last: Ferguson
Alias: Blink

Str: 5
Tuff: 7
Spd: 8
Rec: 6
Chr: 6
M.Skls: 6

Finisher: Stone Cold Stunner (Ready)
Trademark: Cobra Clutch (Behind)
Dmg 9: 450 Splash (On TB-Apron Off On Ground)
Dmg 8: X Factor (Ready)
Dmg 8: Spinning Heel Kick (Running Attacker)
Dmg 7: Spinning Heel Kick (Whipped Opponent)
Dmg 7: Fame Asser (Ready)
Dmg 7: Reverse Vertical Suplex (Behind)
Dmg 6: Sweet Chin Music (Ready)
Dmg 6: Somersault Leg Drop (On TB-Apron Off On Ground)
Dmg 6: Body Press (On TB-Apron Off Standing)
Dmg 6: La Magistral (Ground Moves At Head)
Dmg 5: Quick Leg Drop (Running Opponent On Ground)
Dmg 5: Fist To Groin (Ground Moves At Feet)
Dmg 5: Bridging German Suplex (Behind)
Dmg 5: Michinoku Driver (Ready)
Dmg 5: Choke With Boot (Corner Move)
Dmg 4: Enziguri (Ready)
Dmg 4: Tackle With Punches (Running Attacker)
Dmg 4: Reverse Powerbomb (Behind)
Dmg 4: Ass Kisser (Corner Move)
Dizzy Punch: Degenerate
Dizzy Kick: Front Jump Kick
Pose: Degenerate

Crowd: Cheer
Fighting Style: X-Pac
Theme Song: X-Pac
Entrance: Taka
Run-In Partner: Stone Cold
Voice/Grunts: Legs

Body Type: Female Skinny
Skin Type: Ripped
Skin Color: 1 (70,50,46)

Eyes: Pretty Eyes (56,0,100)
Nose: Default Nose
Mouth: Default Mouth (75,50,50)
Hair: Long Braid (100,75,40)

Shirt-Women: Tight Shiny (30,75,50)
Elbowpads: Striped Trim (30,50,50)
Wristbands: XL Forearm Pad (30,100,60)
Gloves: Cut Off Gloves (30,50,50)
Accessories-Clothing: Sash (80,50,50)
Accessories: Jewlery: Collar (30,100,50)

Shorts-Women: Lingerie (30,62,36)
Kneepads: Double (80,50,50)
Boots: Plain 1 (30,50,50)

And here's some pics:

Our favorite Blink-chan poses down before a match!

Blink gets Triple H in an armbar!

A Triangle Match has Blink facing both Kane and Edge... here she drops the Big Red Machine in... appropriately enough, the X-Factor!

In a steel cage, Blink delivers the Enziguri on Nightman (remember him? ^^)

Our heroine may have bitten off more than she can chew... a 3-on-1 Hardcore Match with the Undertaker and his Acolytes?! O_o;;

Blink gets even as she delivers her finisher, the Split Second (a.k.a. the Stone Cold Stunner)!

Your winner... Blink!!

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