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Special Computing Accounts Requests

LTS Special Computing Account requests

For temporary visitor, Sponsored (wage), Contracted Service employees, departmental and HPC account requests.

Spouse/Domestic Partner Accounts

Full-time faculty and staff may request a spouse or domestic partner account using the online form available in self-service Banner (SSB). To access the form, click the Banner icon in the Portal. The request form is located in the Employee section. Questions about the Spouse/Domestic Partner Accounts should be directed to Kelly Decker (ksd2@lehigh.edu) - extension 8-3990.

Other Computing Requests

Quota Increase

A quota increase for space on the mail server can be requested using the Quota Increase Request Form. Contact your computing consultant to discuss storage needs on the Common Server (I: drive). Questions about the quota increase requests should be directed to Kelly Decker (ksd2@lehigh.edu) - extension 8-3990.

Mailing List Application

To request a new mailing list account, complete this Lehigh Qualtrics survey.
Note: You can also create mailing lists using Lehigh Google Groups.

Questions about the mailing list applications (mailman and lehigh google groups) should be directed to the Help Desk (helpdesk@lehigh.edu) - extension 8-HELP.