Kathleen K. Olson, JD/PhD, Associate professor, Department of Journalism and Communication, Lehigh University

Most of my research focuses on the conflicts that arise between First Amendment values and intellectual property rights, especially copyright and publicity rights. I am the co-author of Mass Communication Law in Pennsylvania (New Forums Press, 2003) and have been published in journals such as Communication Law and Policy, Journalism & Communication Monographs, and Free Speech Yearbook.

Recent publications

Intellectual property.  In Daxton R. Stewart (Ed.), Social Media and the Law: A Guidebook for Communication Students and Professionals, pp. 75-97. Routledge (2017).

"Publicity rights and political merchandise."  Journal of Media Law & Ethics 4:47-66 (Winter/Spring 2015).

"The future of fair use." Communication Law and Policy 19:417-432 (Autumn 2014).

"Injunctions and the public interest in fair use cases after eBay." Communication Law and Policy 17:235-264 (Summer 2012).

"Transforming fair use online: The Ninth Circuit's productive-use analysis of visual search engines." Communication Law & Policy 14:153-176 (Spring 2009).