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Lehigh University
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Nanoporous materials are of high importance for a range of critical technological challenges our society faces today. The applications of nanoporous materials reach from greenhouse gas reduction, to catalytic converters, to air and water purification, to energy storage applications, just to name few.

The manifold applications of nanoporous materials result from their high surface area that can reach up to ca. 7,000 m2 g-1. In addition, nanopores are able to act as molecular sieves. Molecules that are smaller than the pore are allowed to enter while larger molecules are excluded. Nanopores cannot only distinguish between molecules by size exclusion but also by their difference in surface properties. By design of the pore wall surfaces it is possible to make the pore walls “sticky” for one particular molecule but not for another.

Our research group focuses on the synthesis of new nanoporous, inorganic, and inorganic-organic materials for gas adsorption and separation. In addition we develop new, innovative methods to apply nanoporous materials for gas adsorption and separation. Click here to learn in detail what the members of the Landskron group do.

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