Student Affairs

Academic & Professional Clubs

Student Activities

Accounting Club

To promote through various activities the exchange of academic and social ideas, instill student interest in the accounting profession and provide career and professional information.

President: Christine Cianni chc2
Treasurer: Mary Rita Bustin mrb3

Alpha Chi Sigma

A co-ed chemistry fraternity involved in promoting chemistry, serving the community and having fun.

President: Sarah Muse sjm2
Treasurer: Jonathan Havel jjh8
Vice Master Alchemist: Danielle Freedman drf6
Reporter: Cristina Schindler cls5

Alpha Pi Mu

Honor society for industrial engineers.

President: Amanda Jasinowski amj4
Treasurer: Emily Jarina ejj2
Vice President: Daniel Zilinski dez2
Secretary: Katherine Drewes kmd4

American Chemical Society Student Affiliates

Allow students to discuss advances in chemistry and career paths; also, it gives students a chance to meet their classmates and professors in a more casual setting.

President: Ashley DeBarba aed3
Treasurer: Greg Constable gec2
Vice President: Celia Hoelke cmha
Public Relations: Christine Stroka cms4

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Take trips to manufacturing plants and provide presentations and networking opportunities with professionals from industry.

President: Joseph Lala jdl3
Treasurer: Jonathon Feldman jrf6
Vice President: Robert Such resf

ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)

To arrange for and promote events which collaborate with and complement classroom learning and which showcase civil engineering students and/or research.

President: Carrie Nicholson ccn4
Treasurer: Kristen Sterner kes5
Vice President: Dean Deschenes djd2

Association for Computing Machinery

The association is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to advancing the art, science, engineering and application of information technology, serving both professional and public interests by fostering the open interchange of information and by promoting the highest professional and ethical standards.

President: Stefan Siegfried sgs5
Treasurer: Jonathan Martin jemj


To provide support for art and architecture department and a social venue for both students and faculty; to encourage creative interaction between the disciplines of art, design and architecture among others.

President: Jonathan Yeadon jry4
Treasurer: Zach Baron zab2
Secretary: Alex Horn alh8

Biomedical Engineering Society

Student society that provides awareness and information regarding the opportunities in the biomedical engineering field.

President: Jatin Gupta jpg8
Treasurer: Tracy Gwyther tag3
Vice President: Michelle Cremeans maco

BIS Club - Info Tech Professionals

To teach students about the potential job opportunities in the information field.

President: Keith Torrey krt2
Treasurer: Mark Perkins mpt2
Vice President: Frank Stanislawczyk frs3
Secretary: Zachary Stackell zas3

Chi Epsilon

To outstanding academic success in civil engineering and further the principles of scholarship, character, practicality and sociability through extra-curricular activities and events.

President: Daniel Cook drc6
Treasurer: Jamie Drici jmdk
Vice President: Carol Crewdson cpc2
Secretary: Grant Flothmeier glf3


The purpose of this organization is to expose incoming freshman and upperclass students to various business disciplines. Our activities include community service, leadership development, professional networking and local and national competitions.

President: Caitlyn Naddaff can4
Treasurer: Jason Worrall jbw204
Vice President: Joy Russomanno jvr3
Fundraising: Janelle Zelasko jnz204

Economics Society

Facilitate economic programs for campus. Provide a social interaction for economics majors.

President: Brian Regan bsr2
Treasurer: Kevin Kirshman kdk2
Vice President: Andrew John ajj2
Secretary: Kevin Frost kpf2

Engineering Minor Society

To enhance the learning experience of the engineering minor curriculum through innovative programs and real world experiences.

President: Mike Rinker mlr5
President: Kristina Nied ken3
Treasurer: Marc Dyer mrd2
Secretary: Fang Xu fax2


Promotes engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing and applying knowledge about electro and information technologies and sciences for the benefit of humanity and the profession.

President: David Negro den2
Treasurer: Julien Rhodes jbr3

Industrial Engineering Society (IIE)

To promote industrial engineering through hosting department related events.

President: Amanda Jasinawski amj4
Treasurer: Adam Stoker ajs2
Vice President: Breana Love bjl9
Vice President: Katherine Drewes kmd4

Investment Management Group

To promote an understanding and appreciation of the stock market as well as the finance industry; additionally, the club is responsible for managing the rights and Dreyfus portfolios which total roughly $400,000 in assets.

President: Justin Bojarski jcb6
Treasurer: Sam Shikiar sms3
Vice President: Adam Sandelovsky ams6
Secretary: Lauren Ursino lau2

Marketing Club

To further educated and inform marketing majors about the working world and field of marketing by bringing in professionals to speak, take trips to companies, and by using career services and professors to increase internship opportunities.

President: Andrea Popovich akp4
Treasurer: Jen Heiner jahm
Vice President: Josh Mann jsm5
Secretary: Katie Ryan kmr6

Medical Society

To unite those interested in a health-related field and to promote networking among the members.

President: Vera Ann Partem vap3
Treasurer: Luke Hoffman lmhb

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers, who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

President: Andrew Reid anr8
Treasurer: Sonya James smj6
Vice President: Danielle Brock dmb7
Secretary: Lola Ademosu lma8

Phi Sigma Pi

National co-ed honor fraternity based on the tripod of scholarship, leadership and fellowship.

President: A.J. Miceli ajm7
Treasurer: Jeremy Tallman jrt8
Vice President: Matt Lapovsky mjl9

Pi Tau Sigma

To create a union amongst the distinguished individuals studying mechanical engineering.

President: Joseph Dalessio jnd3
Treasurer: Andrew Ritchie awr2
Vice President: Russ Newbold jrn6
Secretary: Jack Morgan jhm5

PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America)

Dedicated to the study and execution of various public relations tactics on campus

President: Julie Orchier jk02
Treasurer: Elise Winderbaum eww3
Secretary: Andrea Tulcin art5
Vice President: Madeleine Katz mwk5

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

To promote Hispanics in a professional environment and strengthen Hispanic awareness within the Lehigh student faculty and staff community.

President: Daniel Leon dal8
Treasurer: Jenny Franco jlf5
Vice President: Danielle Doman dad5
Secretary: Veronica Nunez ven204

Society of Women Engineers

To inform women studying engineering of their opportunities for success by providing examples and networks through visitors, workshops, service time, etc.

President: Carrie Nicholson ccn4
Treasurer: Rachel Nowicki rln204
Secretary: Maggie Swierczewska mqs4

Student Dental Club (Lehigh)

The purpose of the Lehigh Student Dental Club is to give Lehigh students who are interested in dentistry opportunities to explore the numerous offerings of the dental field. The club will provide volunteer opportunities to perform skits to local elementary schools and to teach the importance of dental hygiene and be able to distribute quality toothbrushes and toothpaste to the young students. In addition, the dental club will have guest dental speakers ranging from general dentists to the other nine specialized dentists in order to provide Lehigh students a wide range of options as they further explore the dental field. Other activities include general social activities and visiting dental schools.

President: Li-Ping Chew lpc2
Treasurer: Sandhya Menon sam404

Student Materials Society

To promote materials science to undergraduate students.

President: Matthew Meyers mtm3
Treasurer: Melissa Thompson mbt4
Vice President: Matt Dwyer mjd8
Secretary: Amanda Simens ass7

Supply Chain Management

The purpose and aim of the Supply Chain club shall be to promote further learning and experience within the field of supply chain management.

President: Jake Russell jarg
Treasurer: Jordan Stitzer jbsa
Vice President: Kevein Deger ked5
Secretary: Steve Seigel sasl

Tau Beta Pi

Tau Beta Pi is the engineering honor society, founded by Professor Williams at Lehigh University in 1885 to give engineers a similar honor society to Phi Beta Kappa. Our chapter is one of the most active chapters, regularly attending and hosting District and National Conventions.

President: Jonathon Feldman jrf6
Treasurer: Eric Puksyzn emp4
Vice President: Jennifer Schau jls6
Secretary: Luna Xu lux2

Women in Business

To support and promote women entering the business world or already established within through programs, invited speakers and networking opportunities.

President: Gina Ciccotelli gdc2
Treasurer: Nicole Matchett nlm3
Vice President: Julie Ottaiano jlo4
Secretary: Kate Radziszewska kar9