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Lehigh University
Journalism & Communication Dept.
33 Coppee Hall
Bethlehem, PA 18015, USA

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Ph.D. (2008) The University of Texas at Austin
Dissertation: Making news in the People's Republic of China: the case of CCTV-9
Dept. Radio-Television-Film

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"Social science can only predict what did happen, not what will."


Critical Studies in Journalism (09 SP; 09 FA; 10 FA)

Global Communication (08 FA; 09 SP; 09 FA; 10 SP; 10 FA; 11 SP; 12 SP; 12 FA; 13 SP)

Global Media (UT Austin, RTF Dept., 03 SP; 06 FA; 07 FA)

Introduction to Global Studies (08 FA) (lead teacher Prof. Jack Lule)

Senior Seminar in Global Studies (10 SP; 11 SP; 12 SP; 13 SP)

Writing for the Media II (FA 12) (co-taught with Prof. Charlie Butler)


My research focuses on the way power works in and through media. I primarily am interested in understanding how particular conjunctures of political, economic and cultural forces shape particular media sites and the possibilities of expression and representation associated with those sites.

My recent work has involved the study of media production at China Central Television in the People's Republic of China.


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