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James M. Maskulka

Asociate Professsor of Marketing


H (610) 758 - 4774

O (610) 861 - 9118



DBA   Doctor of Business Administration, Kent State University , December 1984

           Major Concentration:   Marketing

           Minor Concentration:   International Business

MBA    Youngstown State University, December

BSBA   Youngstown State University, June 1972, cum laude .



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Maskulka , James M. (with Charles S. Gulas ). "The Gray Market: A Marketing Perspective," Business , January - March 1987, pp. 25-31.


Maskulka , James M. ( with Michael Y. Hu ). "Bankers' Response to the ETC Act : Attitudes and Degree of Internationalization," Journal of Business Research , Vol. 15, 1987, pp.191-200.





Maskulka , James M. (with Robert Liljenwall ) Co-editor and chapter author of a book entitled, Marketings Powerful Weapon: Point-Of-Purchase Advertising. Point-Of-Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) 2001.

Maskulka, James M. (with Franklin S. Houston and Jule B. Gassenheimer), Marketing Exchange Transactions and Relationships, Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc., 1992.





Maskulka , James M. “Outdoor Advertising &The Brand Communication Medium of the 21 st Century” published by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) November 1999.


Maskulka , James M. (with Bruce M. Smackey ), "The Changing Relationship Between Advertisers and Their Agencies," sponsored by Advertising Age , December 1991.




Sure - Fit Inc., Allentown , PA ( April 2003 )

Ani - Motion Inc., Bethlehem , PA (March 2001)

Point - of - Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), Washington D.C. (1999 - 2001)

Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), Washington D.C. 1998-2000

Keenan - Nagle Advertising Inc. Allentown PA (December 1992 - present).

Bell Labs Design Automation (BLDA) Summer 1996)

Pennsylvania Power and Light (PP&L) (September 1995); (July 1993, November 1993)

Cadillac Division -- General Motors Corporation (January-May 1992).

Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal (Spring 1992).

Advertising Age (1987-88).




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