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The Epitome is produced 100% digitally. Students handle all aspects of production; they design layouts, write copy and captions, edit pages, take photographs and set the editorial policy. Two dedicated advisers help ensure the financial well-being and future success of the yearbook, and they provide support to staff members who need assistance.


Page layouts are created using Taylor Publishing’s StudioWorks program, in addition to the Adobe Creative Suite family of products. After consulting with each staff member, our section editors work closely with the editorial board to create templates for each section's layout design. Staff members with then write the copy and captions for the page and crop and place photographs onto the layout. The editor in chief, with assistance from a design consultant from Taylor Publishing, creates a design for the cover, endsheets and divider pages.


The book is printed by Taylor Publishing Company, which provides sales representatives, a software consultant, plant consultant and a design consultant.


Students on the photography staff and professional photographers from Davor Studio capture the memories in the Epitome, using a suite of Epitome-owned and personal equipment. The Epitome uses Canon EOS Series lenses and equipment.