Unlike many college yearbooks, the Epitome is a student-run organization which receives no university funding. As a result, we depend on revenue from book sales and the generous support from people like you. Each year we are lucky enough to receive donations from parents and relatives of students. Without these contributions, we would not be able to publish our book.

For a gift of $40 or higher, you can become a member of our Sponsors Club. For contributions of $25 and higher, you can join our Patrons Club. All Sponsors and Patrons are recognized annually in the yearbook. All contributions are tax-deductible. The deadline to be included in the book is April 15.

|Creating Lasting Memories|

This is the perfect opportunity for you to give to something that will create lasting memories for a lifetime. You are also giving countless students an incredible opportunity to gain valuable experience with a professional publication. We have a proven record of excellence; please help us continue this tradition.

Send your gift to:

The Epitome
Attn: Linda Lipko
33 Coppee Drive
Bethlehem, PA 18015