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The Epitome includes the following sections: Features, athletics, academics, greek life, organizations, living, and graduates. A staff of more than 40 members put together the book using the computing facilities in Coppee Hall.



Co-Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Morgan '13
Co-Editor-in-Chief: Dave Canfield '14
Managing Editor: Jamie Kalafut '14
Associate Editor: Tamara Huson '15


The Epitome is an entirely student-run publication. Students design layouts, write copy and captions, edit pages and set the editorial policy. Two dedicated advisers help to oversee business operations and dealing directly with the publishing company. Students on the Epitome staff come from all walks of life and all majors. Students represent majors from every field offered at Lehigh; from marketing and journalism to mechanical and electrical engineering. Working on a professional publication offers journalism students another opportunity to apply their skills and gain hands on experience that will benefit them in the future. The Epitome also allows students to work with each other in a team environment, giving them valuable social skills and experience with real life situations, something that no classroom can offer. It is also a great way to make new friends!

Faculty Advisors

Linda Lipko has 25 years of publication experience and serves as the adviser to the Epitome as well as business adviser to The Brown and White newspaper. Under her direction, the Epitome received many accolades, including numerous first place honor awards with the The American Scholastic Press Association; the 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 Premier Print Award; and the Taylor Publishing honorable mention award of excellence in recognition of outstanding contributions to scholastic journalism.