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Echoes of Glory

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Follow the link to read "Civil War music no longer gone with the wind", an article featuring Professor Diggs' research into long-lost Civil War music.

To hear a song sample, click on the "Listen"
1. Tycoon March 4:12 Listen
2. Variations on "America" 7:06 Listen
3. The Voice of a Departing Soul * 3:11 Listen
4. 6th Regimental Quickstep * 4:04 Listen
    Echoes of Glory *
5.        I. First O songs for a Prelude
16:53 Listen
6.       II. Hush'd be the Camps Today 8:31 Listen
7.       III. Songs at Sunset 12:26 Listen
8.       IV. Proud Songs of the Storm 8:55 Listen
9. The Stars and Stripes Forever 3:42 Listen
* Premiere Recording

On This CD:
1. Tycoon March
Composed by Thomas Coates
Trans. by David B. Diggs
2. Variations on "America"
Composed by Charles Ives
Trans. by William Rhoads
from an orchestration by William Schuman
3. The Voice of a Departing Soul
Composed by Patrick S. Gilmore
Trans. by John Phillip Sousa(1892)
Edited by David B. Diggs
4. 6th Regimental Quickstep
Composed by Slaudio S. Grafulla
Trans. by David B. Diggs
5-8. Echoes of Glory
Composed by David B. Diggs
9. The Stars and Stripes Forever
Composed by John Phillip Sousa