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UN Trip Summary
April 22, 2010

Alex Rosenblum

Disarming for Peace and Development: The Need to Move Forward

Conference Room 8, 10:15


“Disarming for Peace and Development: The Need To move Forward” lasted roughly over an hour and briefed NGOs that were concerned with the United Nations progress with Nuclear and Conventional Weapon Disarmament. The goal was to promote NGO activity within the UN and around the world for disarmament. Another goal was to let NGOs know how important it is to tackle Disarmament in the 21st Century. The Briefing was given by a panel of four experts listed in order of presentation below. In light of the past year’s International cooperation in strategic arms reduction, the UN has uncovered problems in the way Nations and the UN approach disarmament. Progress is being made, but the Briefing stressed the importance of arms reduction for peace and global health on all sectors of life. To disarm, we must tackle issues such as hunger and resource distribution. Daniel Prins noted that each year 10x of what is needed in aid to disarm the worlds Nuclear Weapons is spent, and progress is still slow and steady. 25% of UN budget is to protect UN personnel. To rid the world of the Nuclear threat the world Nations must consider reducing conventional arms, the main cause of refugees, directly correspond to a Nations need for nuclear materials. In the United States, many of the elderly have pensions with arms making companies. NGOs and the UN must keep striving to encourage the profitability of arms reduction.

The Ukraine has taken a leadership role in Nuclear Disarmament by almost entirely disposing of their Nuclear Stockpiles and Nuclear Materials left over from the Cold War. His Excellency Yuriy A Sergeyev mentioned this. Nuclear materials and nuclear power plants cause a threat to world security by making nuclear waste and by polluting the environment. Nuclear power is not a safe alternative for the planet especially when there are other energy sources such as wind and solar energy. Yuriy mentioned the programs he has in place for arms reduction.

Allison Pytlak mentioned that Religions for Peace fully supported and is devoted to arms disarmament. She claimed that the world’s religions within her organization are all peaceful in nature and are cooperating to make progress with international disarmament.

Because of the Briefings correspondence with Earth Day, Cora Weis mentioned the environmental impact of armament, what she called “the toxicity of militarism.” Also, issues such as food, security, and protecting aid directly affect a nations quest for nuclear material.

To solve this problem, issues of Education about Non-Nuclear Conventional Arms, Nuclear Free Zones, and security related issues were all mentioned as being debated on by world leaders.


Daniel Pins:

-Head of the Conventional Arms Branch in the UN office for Disarmament Affairs

-Former diplomat for Dutch Foreign Service

Cora Weiss:

-President, Hague Appeal for Peace

-Major role in civil rights, human rights, and peace and gender justice throughout history.

-Nominated for the Nobel Prize

Allison Pytlak:

-Disarmament Program Coordinator at Religions for Peace.
-Proponent in attempting to ban cluster munitions
-Also works to promote reduction of small arms and landmines.

Yuriy A Sergeyev:

-Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas
-Awarded the State Order of Ukraine “For Merit” and the Honorary Decree of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ukraine.

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