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UN High-level Meeting on Africa's Development

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September 20, 2008

Caroline Kusi

The high-level meeting on the development of Africa at the United Nations on September 22, 2008 was indeed an inspiring and worthwhile event with heads of states from all over the world, scholars, and many more.  The continent of Africa continues to seek the support of the international community as they face development crisis in areas of health, food, crime, youth development, and poverty.  This historical day revealed the challenge to all of us who have decided to engage in international studies and development because achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Africa requires the efforts of all.  Like Jeffrey Sachs, the adviser to the Secretary-General on the MDGs expressed, Africa has been given a promissory note and it is time that the promissory note is exchanged for cash to help meet the needs of those whose lives have been complicated by poverty.  Various sessions were held concerning the needs of Africa and the two that the executives of the Global Union and I attended focused on Youth Development and Empowerment and the World Food Crisis in Africa. 

These two sessions helped us gain more insight into the specific challenges and problems that Africa is facing and innovative solutions that are being created and implemented to bring changes to the continent.  African youth need social services, such as, internship programs and a voice in their governments and in order to support them, programs and forums are being implemented to cause youth in Africa to be the leaders they need to be.  Also, Africa faces a crisis in areas of agriculture, irrigation systems, and nutrition.  There are plans to enhance food security by supplying farmers with the necessary equipment they need in line with reducing fertility rates in Africa to ensure that food does not become scarce.  All in all, through this awe-inspiring experience, we realized that much has to be done for the continent and by attending programs such as this; we know that there are resources to aid Africa in its development.  It takes collaborative and innovative efforts on the part of every human being to ensure that no one in this age of globalization is left behind.  As for me, I knew I would want to partake in becoming a resource for my Motherland as an up and coming citizen of the World.

- Caroline Kusi

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