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Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim

Students served as official rapporteurs for the annual NGO Committee on the Status of Women

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UN NGO Youth Representatives

In 2006, Lehigh created the world’s first UN NGO Youth Representative Program. Since that time, our model has been adopted by the UN’s Department of Public Information and now students near and far serve as the voice of NGOs at the UN.

From providing a voice for battered Nigerian women, to striving for peace between Israel and Palestine, Lehigh graduate and undergraduate student representatives passionately share the vision of the United Nations’ Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and work with them to generate positive change on a multitude of levels.

The Program provides a select group of Lehigh students with the opportunity to serve as “Youth Representatives” for geographically disparate NGOs. Without the student representatives, these NGOs would not be able to maintain such a high-level of visibility at United Nations' headquarters. The students regularly attend UN workshops, briefings, conferences, and sessions relevant to their NGO’s cause. A report is then generated for the NGO with summaries, critical details, or UN action. As an additional benefit, students render these services at no financial cost to the NGO represented.

NGO Partners:

The students representing these NGOs are some of the most active student leaders on Lehigh's campus, and come from a variety of backgrounds at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

  • For students: Watch for announcements regarding the next round of Youth Representative openings.
  • For NGOs interested in student representation: please contact Dr. Bill Hunter at

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