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Lehigh students visit the United Nations Security Council Chambers.

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Nur-e Farzana Rahman
Summer 2004 Intern

Nur-e Farzana Rahman

From left to right:
Undersecretary General Shashi Tharoor, Nur-e Farzana Rahman, and Mrs. Annan


Nur-e is an American of Bengali heritage. She graduated from Lehigh University in May of 2004 with a double major in Journalism and Economics. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in public policy at Georgetown. She finds herself drawn to international development and is able to use the knowledge she gained this past summer to strengthen her convictions.

LIFE AS AN INTERN (in her own words)
Planning the 57th Annual United Nations Department of Public Information's Non-Governmental Organizations Conference was perhaps the most challenging, yet rewarding, internship experience I have ever had. It was sure to be a successful summer when my second day on the job included an array of tasks from contacting diplomats at various embassies, scheduling plenary speakers for the conference and researching keynote presenters for Thursday morning briefings on a range of issues from slavery to agriculture.

Although the first six weeks of my internship were spent in a state of awe and disbelief from the everyday shocks of my environment - running into diplomatic conveys, going through airport style security checks to get to work, and being engulfed by the plethora of acronyms from UN DPI NGO, there was a saturation of knowledge that occurred on a daily basis in a way I would have never imagined. Each day meant running into a new secretariat staff member from a different country and culture - the diplomacy involved in these everyday interactions is enough to warrant praise. The highlights of my experience aside from these intrinsic learning processes included the opportunities to meet those role models and trail blazers who define the work of NGOs internationally. From talking with human rights pioneer Farida Allaghi to escorting Mark Malloch Brown to his press briefing, each day of the conference was filled with chances to sneak a moment with those visionaries we admire each day.

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