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Lehigh students visit the United Nations Security Council Chambers.

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Hidayah Amin
Hilary Chadwick
June - December 2009 Intern

    Since my last blog, my UN internship has concluded and I can reflect on the last five months with the Department of Public Information/NGO Cluster. Looking back, it was an extremely valuable experience filled with insight into the internal structure of the UN, dramatic office politics, challenging work encounters as well as lasting friendships.
    My first assignment of the internship was to prepare the 62nd Annual DPI/NGO Conference Final Report, which has now been edited, translated into Spanish and transformed into a polished UN publication which will be circulated to over 1,500 UN Affiliated NGOs this week! When it arrives, I plan to meticulously review the pages and see the fruits of our labor.
    Following the completion of this assignment in November, I switched gears and began working in the DPI/NGO Resource Centre for the remainder of my internship. The Centre is a space for UN-associated NGO representatives to obtain relevant information about the UN as well as conduct meetings and do research. My responsibilities included assisting NGO representatives with their research needs, updating the Centre with the latest UN materials, and assisting the supervising staff member when there was a high volume of NGO representatives. During my time there, I also implemented a new design for the DPI/NGO Multimedia Library.
    To begin this task, I assessed the existing DPI/NGO multimedia inventory and created a proposal for the Library’s new design. I then removed the outdated materials, re-displayed the four UNTV series available in the library, ordered new signs to make the Library more visually appealing and created templates that explained how to access the online materials and the UN Multimedia Library. Ultimately, this project made the Centre more user-friendly and aesthetically appealing, which has renewed interest in these valuable multimedia resources as well as increased patronage to the Multimedia Library.
    Following the conclusion of my work with DPI/NGO, I recently accepted a job in Mexico City where I will be working for an international NGO focused on the prevention of trafficking in women. I am thrilled to be moving to a Latin American country to improve my Spanish, immerse myself in a new culture and learn more about women’s empowerment and legal advocacy in the field.
    As the next Lehigh UN intern steps up to the plate, I hope it will be as exciting, challenging and rewarding an experience for her as it was for me.

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