David and Lorraine Freed
Undergraduate Research Symposium

2009 Research Poster Submissions

- Speaker's PowerPoint presentations are available below (click icon or title to view in Adobe Acrobat)

Cracking An Unsolved Civil War Cipher
Young Eun Suk & Becky Rovner
Computer Science and Engineering
Advisors: Professor Daniel Lopresti & Professor John Spletzer

Exploring CSP Reflectance Materials
Lisa Kobayashi
Mechanical Engineering
Advisors: Professor Sudhakar Neti

Microneedle Penetration and Puncture of a Model Soft Material
Steven J. Henry
Advisors: Professor Walter Brown & Professor Richard Vinci

Metallography of a Modern Pattern-WeldedSteel Knife Blade
Thomas Nizolek
Materials Science and Engineering
Advisors: Professor Wojciech Misiolek

Universal Heads Up Display
Jeremy B. Cope
Computer Science and Engineering
Advisors: Professor William Haller

Electron Mobility in SONOS Non-Volatile Semiconductor Memory Devices
Joshua Goldman
Electrical Engineering
Advisors: Professor Marvin White, Gan Wang & Nathan Eichenlaub

Detection of Cryptosporidium in the Bethlehem Wastewater Treatment Plant
Kevin Myers
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Advisors: Professor Kristen Jellison


Colin Przybylowski '11