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Lehigh University Implements Terracycle Program to Help the Environment

Bethlehem, PA- Friday, June 11, 2010: Lehigh University’s Office of Purchasing Services has launched Terracycle, a program that works with Office Depot to collect used writing utensils and their packaging. The supplies are then shipped back to Terracycle and they are recycled into things like gift bags, picture frames, and clipboards.

The proceeds from the collected supplies will come directly back to Lehigh University. Brenda Bachman, head of Lehigh’s Terracycle program, says “each recycled writing instrument will provide Lehigh with a two cent donation. If we are able to get much of the Lehigh community involved in the Terracycle program it has the ability to significantly benefit both the environment and the University simultaneously.”

Lehigh’s Purchasing Department aims to have a Terracycle box located in the common area of each building on campus by the end of the fall 2010 semester. Old, broken, empty, and dried up writing utensils can be placed in the box and they will be shipped back to Terracycle to be recycled into another product.

According to Bachman, this program follows a “collect, benefit, and grow approach. We collect recyclable writing utensils and their packaging. Lehigh benefits through the profits of these recycled goods. Then we spread the word so we can grow the Terracycle Program throughout campus.”

Lehigh’s Purchasing Services is committed to helping “green” Lehigh. The Terracycle Program is truly a win-win; we are able to make a positive impact on the environment while at the same time helping Lehigh gain funding.

For information: www.lehigh.edu/~inubs/purchasing/ or
Contact: inpur@lehigh.edu
Phone: 610-758-3840