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Tips for Successful Receipt Image Processing

When users submit receipt images by email, observe the following guidelines:

  • For the best quality, scan receipts in black and white. Scanning receipts in color or grayscale may adversely affect the quality of the images.
  • Submit receipt images in PDF format. Attachments in other formats, such as JPG, XLS, and DOC will be rejected by the CCER system.
  • Do not include email signature lines or logos in the PDF. They are attached as invalid file types and can cause a reject.
  • Include the cover sheet for the appropriate month as the first page in the PDF.
  • Bar codes on the cover sheet must be clear and easy to read.
  • Submit PDFs as attachments to a new email. Attachments embedded in a forwarded email cannot be processed.
  • Emails configured in non-rich text format have a better success rate.
  • You can submit multiple PDF attachments in a single email, but each PDF must begin with a cover sheet followed by the receipts for that statement.
  • We recommend total attachment size under five megabytes.