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Need a Vacation- Lehigh’s Personal Travel Program

Lehigh’s travel provider, Travel Leaders, has a unique benefit for the Lehigh Community. Not only do they offer assistance with business travel, but they also have an entire leisure and vacation travel program available to Lehigh employees, students, alumni, and retirees. The Employee Vacation and Leisure Travel program runs monthly and bi-weekly specials and deep discounts on vacation packages, cruises, domestic and international leisure travel, and much more.

Brenda Bachman, coordinator for Lehigh’s travel program says, "This is an additional, valuable benefit that is available to the Lehigh community resulting from Travel Leaders being our preferred travel provider."

The Lehigh community is already “enrolled” in the program, and can automatically enjoy the advantages of membership, such as no service fees for any cruise or tour package, package and cruise discounts, specially negotiated hotel rates at 19,000 properties worldwide, other hotel benefits such as upgrades, and rental car discounts.

Discounts are also available to family and friends when they book personal travel through Travel Leaders. There is an additional option to sign up with an email address to receive exclusive unmatched discounts for cruises and tours. Users must register for the latter benefit via phone at 866-502-1931.

Vacation packages include trips through major providers such as Globus, Apple Vacations, and Club Med. “Basically, we can book anything that other travel agencies and online travel sites offer, plus offer opportunities to take advantage of dollars off, upgrades, and customized vacation packages,” says Karen Southland, Lehigh’s key contact for the benefit at Travel Leaders. “We offer fun Spring Break trips for students and some excellent family vacations for employees, alums, and retirees.”

More information regarding the Employee Vacation and Leisure Travel Program is available at www.travelleadersvacationclub.com and at 866-502-1931. Users must notify the agent that they are using the program and calling from Lehigh to receive the discounts.