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Limited Purchase Orders

Limited Purchase Orders are actual order forms and are available to University departments in packs of thirty (30). The forms are pre-numbered and as orders are used, a control sheet is maintained. The control sheet must be completed, signed by an authorized signer and returned to the Purchasing Department before additional order forms will be issued. The individual signing for the forms is responsible for them.

Limited purchase orders can be used to purchase materials or services up to a limit of $4,999 They may not be used for the purchase of capital equipment. Additionally, they may not be used for the purchase of furniture, printing services, maintenance, lease or rentals, or grouped to cover a transaction which exceeds the $4,999 limit. When using the limited purchase orders, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Orders should be neatly typed or handwritten.
  2. Orders must have an authorized signature(s).
  3. Provide the original to the vendor, the pink copy to the Purchasing Department, retain the blue departmental copy and forward the green copy to the Accounts Payable Department.
  4. When used to place telephone orders, please indicate "Confirming Order" in the appropriate block on the form. The vendors copy should only be mailed if required by the vendor.
  5. Any form which is not used, for any reason, should be marked "VOID" and sent to the Purchasing Department. Please do not destroy, mutilate or discard any voided forms.
  6. The privilege of using limited purchase orders will not be made available to departments that misuse the system or fail to control the use of the forms.

Limited Purchase Order