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Purchasing Services and Controllers Office Partnering to Go Green by Lessening Paperwork

The Controller’s Office and Purchasing Services are collaborating to support Lehigh’s environmental initiatives by minimizing paper and postage costs in the office environment. They are asking Lehigh employees to help by limiting the use of Limited Purchase Orders (LPOs).

Several alternatives to using an LPO include using your Lehigh issued Procurement Card (Pcard) which allows for a convenient and fast way to make and pay for purchases. Most vendors who accept LPO’s will also accept Pcards for payment. Additionally, Lehigh employees can electronically reallocate Pcard purchases to another Banner index and account code. Finally, beginning July 1, Pcard purchases will be charged to Banner account codes associated with the vendor’s business, reducing the need for reallocations.

Another alternative is using the Lab store. Employees can purchase lab supplies via Blanket Orders from such suppliers as Fisher, Sigma, Thomas, VWR, Airgas and GTS industries. Lastly, Office Depot can be used to purchase office supplies. Employees should review and consider using one of these alternatives the next time they plan on making a purchase of less than $2,000.

More information regarding these suggestions can be found at: http://www.lehigh.edu/~inubs/purchasing/LPOAlternatives.shtml.