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Do I need an appointment to see Purchasing or other staff/faculty representatives?

Blanket Order
When do I use a Blanket Order?

Cell Phone Purchase
How do I purchase a cell phone?

Computer Purchases
Where/how do we purchase computers?

Contracted Lehigh Vendors
Where do I find a list of contracted Lehigh vendors?

What do I do with a contract a vendor sends to me?

Department Contact Information
Who should I contact?

Disposing of Computers
How do I dispose of a computer?

Employee Discounts
Where do I find what employee discounts are being offered?

I need to ship something via FedEx. What do I do?

Finance a Larger Purchase
My department needs to finance a larger purchase. The supplier offers financing/credit terms. What should I do?

Where do I get forms?

Why use our preferred shipping company (ABF)?
What does FOB Destination mean?
What does FOB prepaid/add mean?
What does FOB origin mean?
What does Origin - Prepay/add mean?
What does shipping point prepaid mean?
What does destination prepaid mean?
What does destination prepay/add mean?
Why is it important to have "extra" insurance on a large order (such as a big piece of equipment)?
What happens if a delivery is damaged when it arrives at Lehigh?
Why/when should a custom broker be used?

I have a question regarding an invoice or when I will receive payment. Who do I contact?

Where/how can a vendor apply for a license to produce Lehigh University products?

I have a product that I want to order that uses a Lehigh logo or mark. What do I need to do? Who can make the product? Where do I start?

LPO vs Purchase Requisition
When should I use a LPO versus a regular requisition?
Can I request a check with an order?

Lowest Bid
Must I take the lowest bid?

Minority Vendors
Where can I find a list of Minority vendors?

New Product You Think the University Might Be Interested In
I am an outside vendor and have a product that might be of interest to you. Who do I contact?

Office Supplies
How do I obtain an account to order office supplies online?

Preferred Vendors
How do I know what Lehigh vendors are preferred?

Do I need to get quotes? How many?

How do I know when to do an RFP?

Sales Tax Exempt Certificate
Where can I get a Pennsylvania Sales Tax Exemption Certificate?

Shipment Damaged
What do I do if my shipment appears to be damaged?

How do I contact Crystal Springs for water and coffee deliveries?