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OneCard Frequently Asked Questions

Cardholders, Reconcilers and Out of Pocket Only People

Are there any restrictions associated with the use of my Card?

What should I do if I need to change my monthly or single purchase limits?

How will I know if I have exceeded my monthly limit?

What should I do if a merchant does not accept the Wells Fargo Bank Card?

How will I know if Lehigh University is getting billed correctly for the purchases I have made?

Can I split an expense between indexes in CCER?

How will my monthly OneCard bills be paid?

What should I do if I have a problem associated with something I bought with my OneCard?

Once I receive the OneCard, can I begin using it immediately?

What should I do if my Card is lost or stolen?

Can another employee utilize my Card for purchases?

Can the OneCard Program be used out of the United States?

If my trip or purchase creates multiple transactions on my statement, do I have to enter a Business Purpose for each item on the statement?

What if I want to charge an expense to an index that is not in the drop down list in CCER?

What if I’m traveling on an extended trip and won’t be in the office to submit my receipts at the end of the statement cycle?

What do I do if I’m missing a receipt?

Are there fees for international transactions or ATM withdrawals?

Did you know after entering business purposes and reallocating expenses if appropriate, you need to click the “Statement Reviewed” button?

Did you know the same coversheet is used for both credit card charges and out of pocket expenses?

Did you know when purchasing with your OneCard, if the transaction is rejected or decline, you should contact your OneCard Administrator, Brenda Bachman or Linda Roberts in Purchasing Services?

Did you know if when trying to log into the Wells Fargo CCER system you receive the message “you are no longer authorized…,” you should contact your OneCard Program Administrator, Brenda Bachman or Linda Roberts in Purchasing Services?

Did you know when scanning and emailing receipts and cover sheet to Wells Fargo, everything needs to be in one pdf file?

Out of Pocket Reimbursements

Must I have a Wells Fargo bank account in order to be reimbursed?

How do I enter a request for Per Diem reimbursement?

How do I enter a request for reimbursement during the Review Period so I am reimbursed as promptly as possible?

When do I receive my reimbursement?


What do I do if the Cardholder did not submit receipts with their statement?

Did you know Out of Pocket expenses need to be approved prior to clicking the Approved Statement button?

General Questions

What happens to items that are approved in the system but are found, as part of the audit process, to be unallowable?

Who may I talk to if I have questions?

What do I do if I forget my Wells Fargo User ID and/or Password?

Why doesn’t the email and phone number in the Wells Fargo system match my Lehigh email and phone number?

What do I use as my billing address when I order products online?

What happens when I check the “Receipts Attached” box?

I entered my information but I don’t see the “Statement Reviewed” button and I don’t see where I can print my fax cover sheet?

Are students using the Wells Fargo system for reimbursements?

I’m emailing my coversheet and receipts and I’m getting an email that they are being rejected by Wells Fargo?

What do I do with my original receipts after I have sent them to Wells Fargo?

Did you know there are instructions on the Purchasing website for how to overlay the OneCard calendar onto your own Google calendar so you are aware of all the important dates?

Did you know if information needs to be changed/updated regarding your OneCard account, a OneCard Maintenance Form needs to be completed and forwarded to your OneCard Administrator, Brenda Bachman or Linda Roberts in Purchasing Services?