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ABF Paperless Delivery Confirmation

Beginning tomorrow, January 8, 2013, ABF will be upgrading to a paperless delivery confirmation system. Now, instead of signing a paper for each delivery received, users will be able to sign just once electronically for all deliveries that day.

Once a user signs for a delivery, a confirmation is sent to the ABF website within minutes of signature. Users will be able to visit www.abf.com to find DRs and delivery information. These DRs can be automatically emailed or faxed to recipients such as accounts payable.

Since the PODs are in electronic form, they can be easily searched on the website or within an email.

For more information from Lehigh Purchasing Services, please visit www.lehigh.edu/~inubs/purchasing/index.shtml or contact Linda Roberts at llr1@lehigh.edu. For more information from ABF, please visit www.abf.com or contact our representative, Peter A. Moawad Jr. at pmoawad@abf.com or (610) 395-8300.