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Printing & Mailing Services Announces Secure Shredding Service

Lehigh Printing & Mailing Services is pleased to offer a new service to the University community, Secure Shredding. Secure Shredding is a confidential and protected service that allows customers to get rid of excess paperwork that cannot be disposed of normally.

Secure Shredding is available for all bulk, volume shredding needs. Documents can be submitted by the case, with a minimum requirement of one standard copy paper size box. Each box is only $10.

To utilize the Secure Shredding service, please contact Lehigh Printing & Mailing Servicesí director Glenn Strause at (610) 758-3109 or ghs2@lehigh.edu. Your pick up time will be scheduled and handled by Mailing Services.

Once your materials are picked up, they will be stored in a locked room by the director of Lehigh Printing & Mailing Services. After the materials are shredded, you will be provided with a signed certificate ensuring that your materials were shredded securely.

Currently, a few Lehigh departments are piloting the Secure Shredding program, including the Dean of Students, the Bursarís office and Residential Services. So far, 100 cases of standard copy paper size boxes have been securely shredded through Printing & Mailing Services.