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Greener Options at Lehigh’s Printing and Mailing Services

Lehigh’s Printing and Mailing Services has increased its supply and availability of recycled paper to support Lehigh’s Environmental Initiative.

In support of Lehigh’s current plan to increase environmental awareness on campus, Lehigh’s Printing and Mailing Services has increased the availability of recycled paper for customers. Recycled paper has been available at the department for quite a while; however, the department recently started stocking it in different recycled percentages, weights, colors, and sizes.

Glenn Strause, director of Printing and Mailing Services says he has seen an increased number of requests for recycled paper from Lehigh faculty and staff. “Human resources recently contacted me about doing the faculty/staff newsletter, Spotlight, on recycled paper.”

Ronnie Blue, editor of Spotlight, says she reached out to Strause in response to the increased awareness of environmental issues on campus. “We’ve offered the Spotlight both in paper and electronically for some time now,” says Blue, “and each year more and more people ask for it electronically, which is an easy way to save paper. Now with this new initiative, it is the perfect time to switch to recycled paper.”

Printing and Mailing staff has been working with suppliers to get better pricing on the paper, because papers with higher percentages of recycled content tend to cost slightly more. This is due to the costs of de-inking and bleaching used paper to create a white pulp.

All recycled paper available at Lehigh’s Printing and Mailing Services is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, and if a project requires paper in a size that is not stocked, it can be ordered in one or two business days.

While using the recycled paper is a great step forward in Lehigh helping the environment, Strause advises people to keep the cycle going. “If something is printed on recycled paper, please make sure you recycle that paper when you are finished with it. To just throw recycled paper out diminishes its use in the first place. We need to continue to recycle it repeatedly if we want to make the biggest positive impact possible on the environment.”